The Best Roasted Potatoes Ever

This year, ensure your spuds stand out among side dishes by roasting them Josh Ozersky-style. Give them some garlic lovin’ and a little extra boiling and your potato palate will never be the same.

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Josh Ozersky and I'm here on making ultimate roast potatoes. I have got this great recipe the original providence of which comes indirectly from Heston Blumenthal, the great British chef by way of The Food Lab in Seattle and basically it's a way to get the potatoes broken up in such a way that they really absorb the oil. Now, I've taken potatoes, I've quartered them and then as per Blumenthal's method, you rinse and rinse and rinse them until you get every little bit of potato starch out. I just like to rinse it in the sink at a steady pace. Alright, so I have these boiling in water now and I'm going to let these boil and boil and boil until they're not just soft but almost at the point that they're beginning to fall apart. You don't want to actually have this turn into Vishiswa but you want to have it really beginning to break down and then once that breaks down and goes cool, that's when the oil is going to hit it. So I'm going to let this boil now. So if you see, they're kind of beat up looking which is what I want, I want these to be beat up looking. I want them to have all of their inner viscera exposed to the oil. So, speaking of oil, I'm going to take my roasting pan now and I'm going to get a little bit of heat under it. I'm going to use some good quality olive oil, the best I can get a hold of and I have some garlic here which I am going to put in. I want the garlic to flavor the olive oil. If you put the oil and you have everything go in there and then you throw in the garlic and just hope for the best, obviously you're not going to get the real even flavors and again this is the next level type recipe so that just won't do. You don't have to get them super brown, like where they are right now where they're starting to sizzle, they've already given up their oil, their own volatile oil into the olive oil and mixed it all together. So, I can basically turn this off and now I'm going to put in the potatoes and I'm going to put in a whole bunch of rosemary too and I'm going to move this all around and make sure that everything is super coated with oil, but if there's any question about it getting coated with oil, I'll see to it that it's settled by coating it with every more oil. Alright, on the whole this looks good to me but two things I'm missing, one, it needs a hell of a lot of kosher salt on it to make sure that it's going to get nice and crispy and maybe even more on the sides and then it needs some black pepper. Alright, so now I have some very oily potatoes and I'm going to put them into a hot oven, an oven that is 400 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes and you flip them just like you would if you were cooking it on the top of the stove. So now I've turned it about three or four times. It's been in about 20 minutes or so and I'm going to take it out and I'm going to serve it. The truth is they could go even longer but they're perfect now the way they are. I mean, I just want to present to you with this, look at that, how beautiful is that? I'm not even going to eat it, that's how beautiful it is. The fact of the matter is that those microfissures that were created in the boiling has really allowed all of these flavors to get inside the potato. I'm going to put these all on this one big amazing incredible plate, holy God, look at this. Most of the potato like fell out of the skin but like what's left is like totally penetrated with like garlic and olive oil and rosemary. Oh my God, I can't do justice to how good this is. Alright, so anyway, not to belabor the point, it's freaking, really really good, it's beautiful and then you garnish it with a little bit of fresh parsley. So there you have it, ultimate roasted potatoes. I'm Josh Ozersky and this is eHow Food.

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