Sausage Bread Stuffing

Rye bread and a lot of butter go a long way when making stuffing. By adding sage (and rebuffing the idea that the stuffing should go inside the turkey) Josh Ozersky helps you ensure your side dish is safe and especially savory.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Josh Ozersky, on And today, we're making Thanksgiving stuffing. Yous see here I have got a bunch of chopped up rye bread pieces. I like to use rye bread for stuffing. There's a kind of whiff of ethnicity about it. I like the seeds. The caraway gives it a little extra oomph, balances in, goes together with all the other flavors. Now, you'll see that I have got a lot of butter melted here. And it's probably not even enough. I'll probably have to put in even more. The idea is basically this. Before I've even started, I cooked up a bunch of sausages. I crumble them up, and then I added in some onions, and a little bit of wine and I glazed it all so I picked all the little stuck pieces. So, I have right here starting out, sausage and onions ready to go. I won't bore you with that part. You all know what it's like to cook sausage in a pan and get it crumbly and get it stuck on and add onions and wine and whatever. That part explains itself. No. What's complicated is throwing in pieces of bread into butter. So, I'm going to do that now. I don't want to do too many of them at once. Let's say that I'll just do this in importance. And essentially, this is almost one of those things where you really can't have too much butter. These become crunchy cro?ton, essentially. These become delicious salty, buttery, cashew-y, slightly sour, slightly sweet cubes of greasy bread which then with the sage that I'm about to cut up, have more than a whiff of the Thanksgiving flavor profile. And when combined with the delicious sausage and onions, and some chicken stock, all cooked together in the oven and become one crusty stuffing casserole. I'm not going to try to put the stuffing into the turkey. Nobody wants that. We know it, you know it, we all know the cavity of the turkey is the size of a large fist and it can't make more than, more.. it can't make enough stuffing for more than one person, say. Now, this is going around here like this. You know, I'm getting this brown, plenty buttery as well as a goodly amount of onions and sausage. Mix it all up together like this, and then get a little bit of stock. I'm using Rachel Ray's Chicken Stock. If you happen to have your own turkey stock, better still. You want the cubes to begin to kind of begin to lose their shape a little bit, but not completely. All right. Now I'm going to season it a little bit more, because I'm seasoning at every stage, which is a key thing with any kind of cooking. Get it all mashed up together, a little bit more fresh sage. And then I'm going to go over and I'm going to put it into a casserole pan. It cooks in the oven at 350 degrees. It gets in there for about twenty minutes so it gets nice and crusty. It's big, it's coarse, it's crude, it's buttery, it's sage-y. I like it a lot. I take a spoonful, sage and sausage and bread and butter are all together. Put it next to the turkey and my job is done. I'm Josh Ozersky, and this is

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