Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sandwich Mistakes to Avoid

Think you know how to make a good grilled cheese and bacon sandwich? Think again. In a recipe reversal, Josh Ozersky tells you exactly what not to do when making this melty sandwich.

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Hi, I'm Josh Ozersky. I'm here on eHow, and I'm here to show you how to make a perfect grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. The thing that I care about most in the world more or less is the grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. A dish that has kept me company from the solitude and celibacy of my early youth up well up to the present day. And rather then showing you like how to make the perfect grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, cause you'll be like you know so what. Like who doesn't know how to do that. The fact is there's so many ways to screw it up that I wanted to demonstrate some of them to you. And then I'll show you how to make the perfect one. This is a double smoked slab bacon such as you would get from a high quality butcher in an artisanal meat shop. Don't use it. We are using the basic Oscar Mayer bacon here. I can't believe it's butter, delicious, healthy. Don't use it. Whole wheat bread, don't use it. Alright so how do I make it right? I mean what's you know what's the right way to do it? I take my white bread. I take some softened butter. The softened butter is spread so every inch is covered. I am not parsimonious with the butter. The butter goes into the bread and in fact the butter is going to transform the bread making it a transparent vehicle. A basically like a giant crouton. You hear the sound? It's hot, it goes down hot. The thing about grilled cheese, the cheese melts very fast. You shouldn't have to flip it and go back and forth and potchky with it. You should know cooking it at high heat it gets perfectly brown and crusty just in the time it takes the cheese to get viscous. So I cover all the real estate. Now I have crispy bacon that's been drained so it's not greasy. And I can break it up. Sometimes I break it up even much finer then this. The point is because it's crispy see how it breaks. See how easy it is to break. I mean I can take it and chop it up with my Chinese cleaver but I don't need to do that really. In just the time it's taken me to do this my sandwiches are ready. I can already tell that this is basically ready to go. Okay. So probably it would be a good idea to do it ahead of time. But since it's softened butter and since everything is prepared in a hand I can basically do it ad lib. Even so I always take the time to get that extra little bit all those, there's not one inch of this that doesn't have butter on it. Because butter is color and butter is texture. By the way I say butter but this sandwich classically is made with margarine. I'm not going to try to flip it whenever. I'm going to lift it, I'm going to hold it. Flip it. Now that looks right. See that's what it's supposed to look like. Now it's going to go down. Ah that sound. You know in "The Big Lebowski," The Dude lies there listening to the bowling, like the sound of bowling pins. Like I would love to listen to the sound of that hitting the pan. So in like 30 seconds this is going to be done. And I'm going to cut it across ways. I'm going to take a bite of it. The cheese is going to be viscous. The crust is nice and crispy. It's buttered all the way through. It's the right kind of bacon. It's been drained, it's a nice sandwich. It does justice to one of the best American recipes. So I take my knife. Now it's got crispy bacon so when I take a bit it comes right off. Everything holds together. It's delicious, it's viscous. It works just right. I'm Josh Ozersky. And this is

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