Easy Corned Beef

Calling all couch potatoes – this is the meaty meal for you. Whether St. Patrick’s Day is coming up or you’re looking for a hearty dinner, it’s time to try your hand at Josh Ozersky’s easy recipe for corned beef

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Hi I'm Josh Ozersky and this is eHow.com and today I'm going to show you how to make a corned beef sandwich. A corned beef is made by taking a corned beef and putting it in a pot of water and then you go off for three hours and then you come back and it's done. Like that's how you make a corned beef. There's a little more to it than that and I'm going to show you just so you don't screw it up. So, I have a pot of water here, there's nothing in it. It is boiling. It's not simmering, it's at a good boil. The corned beef is cold, the water is hot. When it goes in here, it's going to bring it down so you'll want it nice and hot. Also, I don't have so much water that when I put the corned beef it doesn't go over like a fat man getting into a tub. So there's these little bolts on here from where the handles go. I usually put the water somewhere just beneath that so there will be plenty of room now. I will point out to you it is the thick cut, the corned beef goes into the water. This is a birth like operation which involves it squeezing out of its plastic container and into the water. There's all kinds of like little gnarly blood fluid type stuff inside the bag. You've got to make sure that that goes in too because as vile as it is, it tastes good and it improves the general flavor of the corned beef. This water is not boiling because now there's a big corned beef in it. I'm going to let this get to a slow simmer because if I just like this is about where it should be now, like a witch's cauldron, but if I just left it like this and went away for three hours to go watch "The Lord of the Rings", the water would cook down and then like the corned beef would be exposed to the air and would dry out like the mummy. On the other hand if I put the lid on it, it would make it hot and it would start boiling and then the corned beef would get overcooked. So what I do is I get it to a slow simmer, I turn it down a little bit and then I take this and I put it on a jar. Alright, it's three and a half hours later. My corned beef cooked for three hours, who knows, maybe it took less time than that but three hours is always a good time, then half an hour it came down in the water. That's the secret trick. If there's one take away you can get from this, how to make a corned beef, you let the corned beef come down in the water. When you take it out when it's hot and then you start cutting it, even if you let it rest outside, it's not going to be right. To really have it good, reach in here, it's now come down, settled, it's done seething. So, see how there's all these striations here, all the meat that's going in that direction, that's what you want to cut against, but before I do that, I'm going to let it relax a little bit more and I'm going to cut my rye bread. I'm going to cut this into just two slices because I want to show you just how thick the slices are supposed to be. So, the first thing I do is I cut off the cap of the deckle like this, save that for somebody special and now we have this even piece and all we've got to do, follow the muscles. See it's just right. If it goes too long, all the stuff in between the muscle fibers disappears and you just have these like fibrous strands. On the other hand, not long enough and it's like still clenched up like an angry fist. This is we have it at an optimal temperature. Ahh, he said what was he going to do with the top? Well I'll tell you what my friend. I'm going to cut away some of this fat here, right? Alright, bread, meat, meat, fat, little bits of meat, that goes on here, another even slice, a little bit more, oh my God, look at this, look at this corned beef sandwich, look at this, literally. This cooked itself. This requires like no skill at all. Now what I'll do like this much mustard. I push down like so, then a bisection. Now, we have a corned beef sandwich fit for the Gods. And that is how you make a corned beef sandwich. I'm Josh Ozersky, and this is eHow.com.

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