Corned Beef Hash

Before throwing away the remnants of your corned beef, grab some eggs, potatoes, onion and peppers, and cook up the brunchtime favorite, corned beef hash. (For some extra flavorful hash, host Josh Ozersky suggests cooking your potatoes in the leftover corned beef water, so keep that on hand too).

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Hi. I'm Josh Ozersky. And this is And today we are in the corn beef hash business. I love to make a corn beef and I love to make a corn beef hash. Because the corn beef, the next day, is nothing but the makings of one of the all time greatest breakfasts. So, it's two meals in one. But l like the corn beef itself, very easy to make, almost self evident but still easily screwed up. OK. What do I have to make corn beef hash? I got an onion, I got a pepper, I got a potato and I got some corn beef. The thing is I want to make sure that I'm conserving and combining all the flavors. So, to start out with, I'm going to take some butter, I'm going to put it in the pan, and along with the butter, and I have a little bit of this corn beef fat that I'm going to cook the fat a little bit in the butter here, because I want to conserve the flavor. I like the taste of corn beef, and a corn beef hash shouldn't just be like little crunchy bits of meat that happen to be next to hash browns or whatever. The dish should be like a corn beef. So, the potato for the corn beef, to take one example, is cooked in the corn beef water. You cook it along with the corn beef and you put the potatoes in the refrigerator, They sit overnight, you cut them up, they taste like corn beef. Now, this butter is going to taste like corn beef. I'm going to get the vile fat out of here now. That'll get thrown away. I'll leave a little in. And I'm going to put in the peppers first. Peppers are hard. They need to cook longer so they go in first. So, in go the peppers and while the peppers are going, I'm going to cut up the corn beef. Now the corn beef needs to get cut up very fine. You don't want it that find but you do want to get this to the point that it's not really discreet chunks of meat. At least some of it's cut up so fine that it can kind of get intermingled and intermixed with the onions, peppers and potatoes. So, when we put in the onions, the onions need to soften and then brown. The last thing that goes in is the meat and the potato. All right. Let's put a little bit of salt in here because god knows it's not salty enough from the corn beef. In go the onions, like that. Put in a little bit more salt, help those onions sweat a little bit. I don't care that they don't brown up. The whole point is to get them soft. Everything is going to get super browned later. Because this is going to be one of my couch cooking techniques, where I get everything just the way I want it. Set it on low, and go away and forget about it while I take a nap. This seems now to me, to be sufficiently softened. So, in goes the meat. And then here's what I would point out to you about these potatoes. First of all, they taste like corn beef. These were boiled in that water. Second of all, I have not chopped these up into infinitesimally small mash. OK. Because i don't want them to be a mashed potato. I want them to be discreet cubes and chunks. So,mm i have some fairly coarse potatoes here, make them slightly less coarse, and throw them in. All right. There's a little bit of, you know, there's a spare onion here, a spare piece of corn beef. Mix this all together, it couldn't hurt, put in a little bit more butter. What I'm going to do essentially is to salt and pepper this liberally, and then I'm going to let it sit for a long time. All right. So, here I am now, I've been on a super low temperature, cooking along, cooking along. This is desiccating, concentrating, crusting up. Now, I'm going to flip it. It's not all one block, like I would like. But it's nice an crusty the way I love it. So, now I got some crusties here, I'm going to jack this up and now I'm going to make an egg. Actually, since I have so much corn beef hash, I'm going to make two eggs. Here's my butter, it's just beginning to brown. It's stopped foaming which is what tells me that the butter is good to go. All right. Now I flipped my corn beef hash, but of coarse, this side of it has not seen a lot of pepper yet, nor has it seen a lot of paprika. So, we'll give it a little bit of both. I really do love the paprika. This guy is going here, let's give him a little bit of pepper too. Maybe a little pinch of salt. Now, I'm not flipping him. Like this is going like this, once this begins to solidify, I'm just going to slide it on over easy. Going to take some nice crusty corn beef hash, with its peppers and its onions and potatoes, all the colors of the rainbow. Going to take one of my eggs here, maybe this guy and then this is going to go on like this. And that is corn beef hash with an egg on top. What would happen if I hollowed out a circle here, add a little sizzling butter, added my egg here, and then proceeded to embed the corn beef hash into the egg as it has almost completed the cooking. Wow. That wouldn't be bad either. I think I'll take a plate and serve myself that too. Because nothing I like more the next day after corn beef than two different kinds of corn beef hash. All right. Corn beef hash, simple but I didn't screw it up. I'm Josh Ozersky on

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