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Even children can help with gardening in a number of different ways. Learn about children's gardening activities with help from a social entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Hirshberg from and I don't know that there's a better place for kids than right in the garden. I have a lot of parents tell me my kids don't eat vegetables. I say that's because your kids haven't met the right vegetables. Today what I'm going to show you is a pizza garden. This is a great way to get your kids planting and interested and eating their veggies because at the end they're going to make a pizza. I'm going to plant the vegetables that I would put on a pizza so here I have a pepper plant. I'm going to just put that in here. I'm going to just put that in here. I'm doing it in a raised bed. You can do it in containers. You can plant them in the ground, plant them wherever you have space. I have a tomato plant. Tomatoes, a must for pizza. So I'm going to go ahead and plant that. Now I'm planting patio tomatoes. They're a little bit smaller so they'll grow faster. I'm going to break up the roots a little bit, put those in the ground and we'll just watch those grow. With kids when I'm gardening I like to do some things with seeds and some things I like to start from plants so that they can see all stages without getting frustrated. Right because these are chives. They're going to be delicious to add a little zip to my pizza. With older kids I would do onions, chives are a little bit more mild so we're going to kind of ease those kids into the onions. Next we're going to plant oregano because what is pizza without some Italian spice. I'm just going to put that right in here. It looks beautiful. So there's a real sense of accomplishment to planting it like this. My last thing I'm going to plant, basil. You can use this in big chunks, you can chop it up on the pizza. You know, this isn't only limited to pizza because a lot of these things then can be used in salad, spaghetti, anything that you want to eat, just eat them fresh off the vine. That's what I do with those tomatoes and the peppers. Finally I'm going to water and then my garden will be ready to grow. With your kids I want you to have your kids out here watering every day and making sure the plants are good. Sometimes they can even keep a journal on how things grow, drawing pictures to document the progress. This can be a really good educational opportunity if you home school or if you just want your kids to learn a little something about nature. Have them out here watering, that way they'll feel responsible for this garden. It's a great way to teach kids responsibility. When everything is grown they'll be able to make pizza and soon you'll find your kids are eating their veggies. A children's garden in under ten minutes. This one was even under five minutes, have your kids out here every day. I think your family will really benefit.


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