Green & Yellow Bean Salad

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Green and yellow bean salad can make a great complimentary dish for nearly any meal. Make a fine green and yellow bean salad with help from a social entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Hirshberg from We're going to be making green and yellow bean salad. So I'm going to start with my green beans. Now if you're using fresh you want to blanch them which means put them in a pot of boiling water for about five minutes. I'm using frozen so I don't need to do that. I'm just going to put a little bit of my beans in here. Now this is a great recipe because you can make it for as many people or as few people as you like. In my family we have two people, I'm going to make a small version of this. If you have kids, people coming for dinner, make a lot more. It's really adaptable. So I have my green beans, now my yellow beans. The great thing about using vegetables like yellow and green beans, the thing is they're going to taste very similar but when you add them together it makes it look really special and fantastic. Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, any kind of tomatoes. I chose grape for this one because I thought those would look the cutest and I'm really going for some color here. When your vegetables have lots of color, they're way more appetizing and people are more inclined to eat them. I know when I see a salad with lots of color in it, it makes me want to eat it a lot more. So I'm going to add my tomatoes here, oh yum, delicious. I just love grape tomatoes. Let me eat one just to make sure that it's good. This is a red onion. I like the red onion. It's a little bit sweeter than the white or the yellow onion and it just looks fabulous. I mean already I have yellow, red and green in there and now I'm going to add a little red onion which is actually you know, purple but I didn't name it so we'll just go with what it's called. I'm not big on chopping into precise chunks so I'm just going to do it like that, maybe that much. I don't want to make it too oniony. Alright, I have my onions in here. I'm going to stir it up a little bit. Look how pretty that looks already. You can make this in advance put it in your fridge, have it for tomorrow night's dinner. It's great left over. So if you make a little extra at dinner then you can have it in your lunch the next day. Look how pretty that is. Okay, to season it, a little bit of sugar, not a whole lot because I don't want it sweet, I just want it to have a nice flavor, olive oil, just a little bit. I don't want it oily. I just want the flavors to meld together and a little bit of red wine vinegar. You can see how easy this is. The thing about vegetables is they really are a convenience food. You look at them in the grocery store and sometimes we think, oh I don't have time to make that but you just sat here with me while I made this and this was less than two minutes. There you go, ready for dinner.


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