Lettuce & Pea Salad

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Lettuce and pea salad is easy to make and is very refreshing and filling. Learn about lettuce and pea salad with help from a social entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Hirshberg from Dinnergarden.org. Tomorrow, I have an event that I'm going to where I need to bring something. I'm going to make a lettuce and pea salad that can sit in my fridge overnight and be ready to go tomorrow morning. Because it is a salad lettuce is our main ingredient. I'm going to use iceberg lettuce. I went ahead, I cut it up and I washed it. I also dried it because this salad you don't want a lot of extra moisture so make sure there's not a lot of water hanging out on your lettuce leaves. I'm going to add my lettuce to my salad bowl. I'm going to put it in a decorative bowl because it is going to feed my friends. I want it to look pretty. This salad is going to have a lot of interesting textures. I'm going to add some celery for crunch. I like things that care crunchy and I know that you feel the same way when you are at work eating you need a little crunch to spice up the day. I'm going to chop up my celery in bite sized pieces. We don't want anybody struggling with my salad. Alright, my celery is all chopped up. I'm going to put it in with the lettuce. This is an easy recipe and it's going to make me look like a star chef. My next ingredient, onions to add a little bit of zip and zest and spice. Now this is going to an office party so I'm just going to cut a little bit of onion, I don't want anybody complaining about onion breath later on. If you're going to be around friends or family members, or people who don't mind if you have onion breath, add a little more. I don't want to shock the people at work so I'm going to go ahead and just add a little bit of onion for zest. I'm going to add the key flavor ingredient, green peas, I'm just going to dump that on top of my salad. This one is so easy I love this recipe, water chestnuts, they come in a can, you'll find them on a shelf at the grocery store, usually in the Asian section. I bought mine already cut up because I'm going to do it the easy way, dump those right in. My dressing for this salad, super super simple, mayonnaise and that's it. So I have it all ready to go. I'm going to put it on top. Alright, so we just, I'm going to use my spatula, get my mayonnaise out and I'm going to give it a quick stir. You want to make sure that everything gets coated with the mayonnaise. Now this is a really light and fresh salad. The mayonnaise is going to give it that little bit of creaminess that's going to make it pop. Everybody is going to love this. It's one of those salads that even for people who don't like salad, this is one of the ones that they'll come back and ask for the recipe. Doesn't it look great, bright and fresh. Normally I would season with salt and pepper. I'm not going to do that on this salad because if I add salt to it, what it's going to do is it's going to draw the moisture out of the lettuce and then my salad will be watery and I don't want that. If you need to add salt or seasonings, do that right before you serve it. My final ingredient, sharp cheddar cheese. I'm going to add a little bite to my salad and it's also going to add a little color because my salad right now is green. For serving purposes, you can mix it all through but since I'm taking it to work, I'm going to sprinkle it on top so it will be beautiful. That's it, we did it, my lettuce pea salad is ready to go. I'm going to pop this in the fridge. It will be ready tomorrow morning so when I'm on my way I just grab it and go.


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