English Pea & Bean Salad

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English pea and bean salad starts with three quarters of a cup of sugar. Learn about English pea and bean salad with help from a social entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Holly Hirshberg from Dinnergarden.org and I'm about to make English pea salad. We're going to start with three quarters of a cup of sugar. I'm going to put that in my pan because this is going to have to cook a little bit on the stove. I don't want that sugar to be grainy. I'm going to add two thirds of a cup of vinegar. I have my little cheat sheet here I don't know if you can see it telling me how much I'm putting in see? And then I have a third of a cup of olive oil that I'm going to put in as well. This is going to head over to the stove just to get the grains out of the sugar and I'll be right back. Alright that was fast, I boiled it really quick, just long enough to dissolve the sugar. Then I turned it off, it doesn't need to cook for very long. Okay I set that aside, I'm going to bring over my bowl. I'm going to add green beans, oh delicious, and yummy peas. It looks pretty in the purple bowl. Next I'm going to add some celery for crunch, cut off the bottom, cut off the top, put that in my compost. I'm going to slice it down the middle to make the pieces smaller. With a salad you really don't want people to have to go get a knife. So you want to cut your pieces into more manageable bite sized pieces. We've all been in a restaurant or at someone's house where you're trying to eat a salad and it's just unpleasant and it gets all over your shirt. Don't do that to your guests. Alright, time to add the celery. I'm just going to put it in there just like that. Alright next, red pepper, great taste, very sweet and delicious and it's going to add a lot of color to our salad and when people are eating salad, what draws them in is the color, the bright color and then they taste the delicious fresh flavors. I'm going to add this to my salad. Red onions, my favorite kind of onions, sweet, a little bit of spice, going to be beautiful in my salad because it has that color. I love the color of red onions, they actually look purple but they're called red, adding them to the salad and we're close to being finished. Wasn't that easy? Remember the dressing we set aside, now is the time to go back to it. The sugar has liquified, let me show you what that looks like, there you go. I'm going to add some salt and pepper just to make it a little more flavorful. I'm going to start over here. I'm going to taste it over here before I add it to my vegetables because I want to make sure, I'm really tasting the sauce and not the sauce with the vegetables. Perfect, I'm going to go ahead and move my salad bowl closer to me because I'm going to be dealing with this warm sauce and I don't want to make a big mess. Remember my sauce here, it was sugar and vinegar and oil so it's a little bit sweet, a little bit tart. I'm going to go ahead and pour that over my vegetables. Now what this is going to do, the reason it's warm is to help the vegetables absorb it better and get the flavor. This is going to need to chill for 24 hours in your fridge so go ahead and make it the day before and then all the flavors will absorb. By the time you eat it it's going to be amazing. This is a really traditional dish that's served with cold foods, goes great with fried chicken, goes great on a picnic, at a barbecue, just on a Summer day outside with your family. Y'all enjoy.


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