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Many different crafts are naturally suited for kindergarten kids to bring to Christmas parties. Learn about kindergarten Christmas party crafts with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for: I've got a great Christmas craft to share with you today. It's perfect for a kindergarten Christmas party, they're jelly bean trees and they're really great because you know with all the kids allergies these days, they're, everybody seems to be able to eat jelly beans so it's a great craft that everybody can partake in and not to mention it tastes good and it's really colorful and fun. So what you're going to need are a couple of Styrofoam cones and you get these at the craft store and they come in different sizes but since we're dealing with the kindergarten crowd I would get the smaller size and just stick it in a paper plate and now you're going to use to every tub of just you know the regular vanilla frosting I added about a half a cup of sifted confectioner sugar. Now this make the icing a little thicker and more paste like so when you put it on the cone the jelly beans will stick to the cone you know better. So here we go, we're going to just and this is like the part that the kids just love and just really coat the cone or the tree very liberally with the icing and then just start putting the jelly beans all around just like that and you know the perfection is in the imperfection, however the kids want to put their jelly beans on if they just want to put a couple jelly beans on that's great because the cone will be covered with icing so it will look like really wintery day. There we go, and you know it's really fun because when you have a table of kids and all these jelly bean trees it really looks like Santa's workshop, it's really fun. So you just go around and around and around covering section by section with the icing and then the jelly beans until the tree is completely covered and you know they'll be tasters and testers as well. So make sure you have some wipes ready because they're, they're going to get all sticky with the icing and the jelly beans. So I have one here that we've already covered and it's here and now to finish our tree we're going to add some stars and these are little candy stars that I found in the, the local candy shop and we're just going to take our little knife. This is actually our cheese knife but it's a really great size dealing with little fingers and little hands and little bits and pieces like these stars and just put a little dab of icing on a star and then just pick a spot and put it right on the tree and you know just keep going once you put some stars on the tree, there we go. Just create a nice little pattern and they really add some nice fun color to the trees. Now when you're finished with all the stars we need a topper so I have a couple of toppers here and these are great old fashioned lollipops. I love these and they're great and they're so colorful and they're perfect to top our jelly bean trees. So you're just going to take one and just push it all the way down into the center, there we go just like that and if the stems are too long you can certainly, oh that's good just like that. You can certainly cut the stems if the stems are too long and there we have our jelly bean tree perfect for your kindergarten party. Thanks for watching I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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