Easy Christmas Crafts for Kindergarten

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Even kindergarten kids can get in on the fun of holiday craft making. Learn about easy Christmas crafts for kindergarten with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for Colleenmullaney.com. I've got a great really easy kindergarten Christmas craft to share with you today. They're gingerbread ornaments and they're so darling. They're really perfect to add sparkle to anybody's holiday and they're so easy to make. Here's how. Into a bowl we're going to put a cup of ground cinnamon, a half a cup of apple juice or applesauce and about a quarter cup of craft glue, now not tacky glue, just the regular craft glue, either Elmer's or this for instance, all purpose glue. Mix it up into a really good consistency until you get a nice dough out of it and it will look like this and then you're just going to simply roll it out with a rolling pin onto your kitchen counter surface and just use cookie cutters and here today we've used gingerbread and trees. Then once you have the shapes all cut out, you're going to keep them on wax paper and what I did was I dried them on the back of a cookie tin, a cookie sheet. I flipped it over, I put the wax paper on it and then I put the shapes on it and then every so often I would come and flip over the shapes because you need them to dry out. Now you can dry them in an oven set at 250 degrees for about two hours or you can just dry them overnight and here are the shapes once they're dried. Now while they're drying I went through and the with the bottom of a straw, I just poked holes in the top of each one. So this creates our little hanger for our ribbon. So after they're dry then we're going to get on to decorating them and this is the best part, this is the part that the kids love the best. So I have little gems here because these are so shiny and they're filled with holiday sparkle and the kids love to craft with shiny gemmy things. so we have these and we have some tacky glue. Again you can use regular craft glue if that's what you have, perfect, and then you know, let the kids go to town, they can just kind of like decorate the tree any which way they want to. They can do ornaments or they can do a garland effect, however they see. And you know, it's perfect, the gems stick on really well and then just set them aside to dry, maybe you know, a couple of hours and then they're all set for their decorative ribbon. You can just string some decorative ribbon right through. I got this ribbon at the craft store in the Christmas bin. It's very inexpensive and it comes in pretty big spools so they're good for you know, several dozen ornaments. And then here are our finished ornaments and aren't they all sparkly and ready for our Christmas tree? We have our sparkly tree and our little gingerbread man. I'm Colleen Mullaney. Thanks for watching.


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