Christmas Countdown Crafts for Kids

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Every kid at some point will start counting down the days to that yearly visit from Santa. Learn about Christmas countdown crafts for kids with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for And it's countdown to Christmas time. I've got a great craft to share with you today. It's so much fun for the kids to make and it's so colorful, it's my countdown to Christmas. Now, it's 25 little pockets on a red fleece pack. And you just decorate the different pockets, and the kids love this. Because every morning they wake up and they run over. And they see, if there's like a little note or a little piece of candy. And they're so excited getting ready for Santa. So, of course, he's at 25. So, how do we make it? Let me show you,it's really easy. Now, we take a 24 by 36 piece of red fleece. Now, red fleece is available precut in craft stores, and it's really, they're great for projects. And I love fleece, because it's a little heavier, and it's so soft as a backdrop. So, there's our backdrop. Now, to make our pockets, I took three and three quarters inch squares, and I just cut out a cardboard template, nothing fancy. And then, I had a bunch of felt that I had leftover form other craft projects. Again, I'm a big fan of, use what you have. But felt itself in the craft store, isn't that expensive. So, you can get a couple of shades, all different colors, whatever colors that you want to use, is great, will make your countdown perfect. So, you just cut out all of these squares, 25. And then, to adhere them to the backing, well, first of all, you have to measure out. And then, you just have to make sure they're all centered. So, that, it's not really a big deal. You take three and three quarters times five. And then, you take the measurement here, across, which is 24. And then, you divide, it's about an inch here, and inch on either side. And then, you divide and you get the spacing. So, it's very easy. And then, what you're going to do, is you're going to take your tacky glue, and just line three sides of your square. Flip it over and press it down, pressing down just the three sides to get it nice and secure. And you're going to leave the pocket open for the little Christmas treats, for the countdown. Now, to decorate the squares, I really used a variety of different things I had around. I just laid them all out on the table and the kids were a great help. They really decided what they wanted to do. These are my templates, cookie cutters, I love to use cookie cutters as templates. I'm a big fan of use what you have, love the cookie cutter templates. And they're just really easy and really, very you know, just really very easy for the kids to use, as well. So, a bunch of those and then, you know, just some old ribbon that I had. I used to make a couple of presents and then, a couple of these gems, love these and the kids love these. And they're so shiny and colorful and fun, perfect for the holidays. And again, some buttons, just to decorate. Now, the snowflakes are adhesive backed snowflakes that you can get at the craft store. I have a little package of these, so these were perfect. You can just you know, they just really, really adhere well onto the felt. Now, I just trimmed with white rick-rack. Now, I made the Merry Christmas, and I used chalkboard font. And I think, it's about a size, 180, if I'm not mistaken. But you know, looking at it, it would've be fun to maybe do the M and the C in, like a 220, to make it a little bit bigger. But I just thought, that was fun, and the chalkboard font is very child friendly. And this is for the kids. So, I though it was great. What I did was, I just printed out, on bold face, the letters. And then, using a little bit of spray adhesive, I sprayed it right onto the felt, just a tiny bit of spray adhesive. And then, you know, either you or the kids can cut out the letters. And I just found that using the spray adhesive was a lot easier than creating templates out of you know, plastic or cardboard. It's really cut down on the time as well, more time to decorate the countdown pockets. O.k., then we have our S. And you know, this is such a great project for the kids, you know, the perfection is in the imperfection. And however they wanted to decorate their squares, is just, was just great with me. O.k, so, now, we're just going to put up the S on really quick, to complete our countdown. Here we go, o.k., alright, and there we have it. Now, the numbers, were just felt backed numbers that I bought at the craft store in little packages. I had to buy about two packages to get enough numbers for one to twenty-five. But there we have our beautiful countdown for Christmas, perfect for the kids to make. And it's just a great welcome addition to your holiday home. Thanks for watching, I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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