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Not every craft has to be endlessly complicated with a detailed instruction manual. Find out about easy crafts and gifts that kids can make with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for colleenmullaney.com, and I've got a great, easy Christmas craft to share with you today. It's perfect for the kids to make and it's great for them to fill it up and to give as a gift, it's a little Santa can. Now these paint cans are readily available in any craft store, they come in all different sizes, but I thought this was a great size to fill up with some of their treats that they like to make during the holidays, brownies or cookies or cookie bars, whatever they like. And it just makes such a great gift, and I thought, oh, it would be so cute to decorate, so we're going to create a little Santa face. So what we did for the face, was we took some of this white boa, and it comes just pre-made, just like this, and I found everything in the craft store, and you just cut little pieces to create eyebrows, Santa has those nice fluffy eyebrows. And using your tacky glue, you just glue it right on to the paint can. You're just going to add some google eyes and a red pom pom nose, and then the smile, I just cut out of some extra scrap booking paper I had around. So whatever you have available, construction paper will work really just as well. So once the face is glued on and dry, you're going to work on the hat. Now I found, I have these cups just at home, and I thought this is a great fit. So we're going to take a cup, and this is just a little piece of red fleece that I had lying around, but you can use red felt as well. And you can get fleece or felt pre-cut in the craft store. So you're just going to take your cup and you're going to glue on the fleece, just kind of add a nice amount of tacky glue all around. And this is so easy and fun for the kids to do. Now you want to make sure that your edges don't go beyond the rim of the cup, because you want it to sit right on top of the top of the can and you want to be able to glue it right into the top of the can right there. So just once you glue that all around you're going to just gather the top, you're not even going to cut it, so it makes an even cone, going to make it nice and easy, and it's just an easy craft that the kids love to make. So we have our hat over here that we've just glued all around. We've added our white fuzzy, furry rim, which I just wrapped this around twice and I glued it with the tacky glue. And then we're just going to take our hat and we're not going to do anything fancy with the tip of it, but we're going to just bend it just like this, we're going to add a little jingle bell, it's just so cute. And this is some decorative green cording that I found in the gift wrap section at the craft store. It's going to go like this, and just kind of tie it there. It creates a little scrunchie point, just like that. And make sure you tie it kind of tight, just like that. And, when it bends over, it kind of dangles right off. And you can trim your elastics, there you go. And now to finish up just add a layer of tacky glue around the cup and place it right inside the top and let it dry, and you're all set, you have your Santa can cup, and he's ready to be filled with cookies or brownies. Thanks for watching, I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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