Seasoning for Artichokes

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You can season artichokes in a wide variety of different ways depending on your preferences. Learn about seasoning for artichokes with help from a professional chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Bonnie Muirhead with And today, I'm going to give you some seasoning ideas when working with artichokes. So, artichokes, if you've never seen them, look like this. They're actually a part of the thistle family. But don't get them confused with Jerusalem artichokes, those are more like a potato, they're totally things. So, we want the green, leafy kind of spiky looking vegetable. Now, artichokes are impossible to eat raw. So, don't even try, we have to cook them down, so they're really soft. And I'm going to show you how to get all ready to go. The easiest way to cook an artichoke, is to poach it. So, first, I'm going to show you how to cut it out to put it our poaching liquid. So, what we want to do, is take the top off, maybe a third of the way. You have to use a little force sometimes. And then, you're going to take most of the stem end off, as well. So, you just want this little bit, this gets very fibrous and it doesn't taste very good. I'm just going to remove these little stems. And then, I just want you to check and see if you can feel little pokies, any stickers or thorns. If you feel any of those, those will, if you try to pick them out. So, we're just going to use our knife and kind of cut it in an angle, just to cut those little guys off. So, this what an artichoke looks like when it's ready to go into our poaching liquid. Which I'm going to show you how to make, now. I just have a pot of just normal water, I'm going to pour in a little, cheap cooking white wine. And I have a little smashed clove of garlic, some lemon, this is going to keep it from going brown. A bay leaf and some fresh sprigs of thyme. So, all we're going to do is, put our artichoke in there. And then, we're going to bring just before a boil, a poaching is before it's like, it's thinking about boiling, but it's not boiling. We're just going to let that be, until it gets softened. And just cover that. O.k., so, to save time, I've made some in advance. I'm just going to show you what they look like, when you cut into them. So, the way you want to test an artichoke to see if it's done, is while it's still poaching. You just stick your knife into the bottom, where the hear tis, the heart's in the center. So, through the stem, and it should come out easily. So, now, what we're going to do, is we're gong to cut the artichoke in half. What we want to do, is get rid of this, there's some fuzzy stuff in there and we don't want to eat that. So, I'm just going to use a spoon and take out a couple of those for you. So, now, if you're just going to eat an artichoke as an appetizer, this is what it can look like. Otherwise, if you just want the hearts, you can take all of these, all of the leaves off, just like so. And you're left with the tender, like the meat of the artichoke., which is sadly only about this much. But they're really good, you can buy these in cans. But I like to work with the whole artichoke, because I like to eat the meat on the leaves. So, what artichokes go well with? They go well with, what's called the remoulade, and it's a mayonnaise, mustard, garlic, lemon juice and parsley sauce. It's almost like a mayonnaise, I'll put that next to it. It also goes really well with balsamic vinegar, pour a little bit of that, and squeeze a lemon. You can always drizzle it with a lot of olive oil And neat tip about artichokes, they're actually really good for a hangover. So, think about that the next time you have a big night. Now, to eat an artichoke, all you have to do, is pick out these leaves. Start from the bottom, or the outside, see this meat right here, dip it into your little goody, and just bite it right off. Until you get down to this heart. And then, this you can just eat just like that. And you can serve them room temperature, or you can throw them on the grill, if you want. And once again, I'm Bonnie Muirhead, and I've just given you some seasoning ideas on working with artichokes.


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