How to Turn a Man's Dress Shirt Into a Woman's Blouse

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Its not all that difficult to take a man's dress shirt and transform it into a woman's blouse. Find out how to perform this transformation with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Costello from Project Runway and Project Runway All-Stars. Today, I'm going to show you how to take a man's dress skirt and transform it into a woman's blouse. And here we go. First of all this is an ordinary men's dress shirt. It's about a size medium, dress form is about a size 4/6. We're going to start with the fit. You want to make sure that the buttons are not closed so you have a little bit of fabric to play with. I normally take the shirt and turn it inside out, that's how I start. So take the sleeves, turn it inside out and I start with the back. I put darts in the back. So you take the fabric, line it and you want to take your pins and just like where this is the center back right here so you'd go like a couple inches to start your first dart and just put a pin. You're going to grab probably about two to two and a half inches of fabric on each side and just pin it. After you've put these two darts in the back then you'd want to go ahead and close the buttons just to secure the fit. This shirt is missing a couple of buttons but it's okay. Now, you want to repeat the same steps that you did to the back to the front so it's the darts again. You want to start right underneath the bustline for the darts so here's the bustline and you just want to take it in. Now I'm eying this. You can do this with a ruler to take it in with a ruler but if it's an oversized men's shirt or if it's you know, something that's kind of loose on you you can just take it in a little bit and you can just kind of eye it and pin it and try it on and see how it's fitting first. And that's how you end up with this and then you're going to take this to the sewing machine and you're going to sew this right along here and you're going to sew it on both sides, front and back and then that will give you the darts which will give you a nice shape into the men's shirt that transforms it into a woman's blouse. So, with the sleeves, take a measuring tape and just measure for a 3/4 length sleeve you just measure from your shoulder all the way down. So, that's that. Now I'm ready to take it to the sewing machine, wallah. I'm Michael Costello from Project Runway, you are tuning into and that's my tutorial on how to take a men's dress shirt and transform it into a woman's blouse. Let me see. You just transformed me into a woman.


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