Lighter Mushroom Quiche

Mushrooms are an earthy, protein-filled meat alternative. Eco-friendly cookbook author and chef Louisa Shafia uses an assortment of mushrooms and shallots to make a lighter -- yet still delicious -- quiche using water instead of heavy cream and a healthy dose of gruyere cheese. Plus, make an easy weeknight meal even easier with a prepared pie crust.

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Hi, I'm Louisa Shafia, on Today, I'm making a mushroom quiche. I've got an assortment of mushrooms. I've got some buttons. I've got some oyster mushrooms. Let's see there's shiitakes in here and some portobellos. You could really use any of these mushrooms on their own or whatever mushrooms you might have lying around but a mix is a nice way to go. So, I'm going to start out by browning my mushrooms with some shallots in a little bit of olive oil. Now mushrooms are a great choice of vegetable to use in the Fall because they have kind of a dark Earthy taste and they're also in season all year round. You can get them fresh so they're a nice choice when other fresh vegetables start to go out of season. So what you want to do is just kind of cook them down until they start to release their liquid because what you want is for the mushrooms to really let go of all that liquid so that their flavor gets more concentrated and that they dry out. So this smells really wonderful with the shallots and in case you've never cooked with shallots. They look like this. They're a little bit milder than a regular large onion but they have a more complex flavor and they're a little bit more sweet. So the combination of the mushrooms and the shallots is really powerful. Now once these are cooked up, I will be pouring my mushrooms into a prepared quiche crust and I'm going to top them with some grated gruyere cheese. Another key ingredient of a quiche is eggs so this recipe calls for six eggs. I'm going to whisk them until they're smooth and usually in a quiche recipe you're going to find some heavy cream or milk. Now I wanted to try a quiche recipe that was a little bit lighter and I always find that when I make scrambled eggs, I can just add a little bit of water to the eggs instead of milk to make them rich so I decided to try the same thing with my quiche. I'm going to skip a little bit of the fat that's usually called pork and just add some water in here. It's about two tablespoons. Okay so my mushrooms are browning. Mushrooms are a really wonderful source of protein and they've got that kind of really deep smoky flavor which you'll sometimes get from meat so they're very satisfying. Okay so these look good. I'm going to add a little bit of salt, a little pepper. Um smells wonderful. So I've got my prepared quiche crust and all I did was I baked this in a 350 oven for about ten minutes just to brown it a little bit. So I'm starting out by putting a layer of the grated cheese on the bottom, just really spread the creaminess all throughout the quiche. Okay then I put down my starring ingredient, the mushrooms. Okay this is great, the mushrooms can be hot right out of the pan. You don't have to wait for them to cool. They can just go straight in. So I spread those out. Okay some more cheese and you can be really generous with the cheese and I really like to layer the flavors and make sure that the whole quiche has got plenty of flavor. So I'm going to do a little bit more salt here and a little bit more pepper. Okay last but not least, I'm going to pour in my egg mixture. Okay and I'm really just trying to cover the top evenly. This looks great. So my quiche looks ready to go. I'm going to bake it in a 350 oven for about a half an hour. Here's my quiche. It came out of the oven just a little while ago and I knew it was done because when I poked the top it feels firm. So I know that the eggs are fully cooked and then you can see it's got a little bit of a golden crust on the top. So let's taste this. I'm going to cut a little piece out. So this makes a great easy brunch dish. It makes a good quick weeknight meal. It's very very low maintenance and it's beautiful and it's got so much flavor. Let's taste this, um, lots of cheese, lots of mushrooms. Um, perfect. Thanks for joining me. I'm Louisa Shafia. I'll see you next time on

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