Better-Than-Classic Candy Apples

We thought that there was no improving on a classic caramel apple… until pastry chef Heather Bertinetti showed us her version, inspired by trips to the Jersey Shore in her youth. Layers of caramel, chocolate and candy or nuts make a great fall treat even better, and it’s an easy, fun project to make with kids.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti and you're watching I have a nice little story for you being that it's Fall. My grandfather and my grandmother would always go down to the Jersey Shore because we are from New Jersey, yes, and they'd go down to the shore and bring me back the most amazing candied apples ever. No fail, every single time and I just loved eating them. The trick to these candied apples just like the Jersey shore ones is that it's not just dipped in caramel but then it's again dipped in chocolate and then rolled in other candies or nuts or whatever you'd like. So I'd like to share with you my recipe, my nice little nostalgic ode to my grandparents. Here we go. So I have some Granny Smith apples here that I've placed on the skewer. I took one bag of soft caramel candy plus three tablespoons of water and I've just melted it down in the microwave until it comes out to this nice smooth glossy melted consistency. So now I'm going to take my apples. Just going to place it in the caramel, swirl it around and coat the apple, just like so. Now I have some aluminum foil here that I've slightly greased. I'm just going to swipe the bottom of the apple just to get the excess caramel off on the bottom and place it on the foil. So you continue to coat all the apples whatever quantity you'd like and then once we're all done we're going to pop these in the refrigerator for about ten minutes just to set that caramel up. So now onto phase two of our candied apples. Now that we've finished our caramel and they're setting up, this is the perfect time to start the chocolate portion of this. So I have ten ounces of semi sweet chocolate that I've chopped up that I'm going to melt. Here's a good quick tip for melting chocolate, always always use a double boiler. You can get away with using a microwave but the problem with microwaves is sometimes they heat from the middle out and you risk burning your chocolate right in the middle. So a double boiler just needs a pot filled with water with a bowl on top and as the water boils it steams and heats the bowl up and slowly melts the chocolate, then add two tablespoons of shortening. Now see how the shortening because it's so high in fat, thins the chocolate out a little bit more, it has this beautiful glossy texture. That's exactly what we're looking for. I'm going to grab the apples and now we're going to dip it in the chocolate the same way we did the caramel. Now at this point while it's still wet, you could choose what you want to roll it in. Here I have some chopped nuts. I'm just going to dip the apple into the bottom and we'll put it on our tray. And I would suggest if you're going to use a heavy candy like these M & Ms are that you stick it in the refrigerator for a little bit just until the chocolate just starts to set and then roll it so the weight of the candy doesn't slip down and fall down. Well here you have it guys, our Jersey Shore candied apples. I'm Heather Bertinetti. Catch me next time on Dig in.

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