Easy & Elegant Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Admit it, haven’t you always wanted to be the sophisticated host who served chocolate-covered strawberries at a party? We certainly have… and we can’t believe we waited so long, once pastry chef Heather Bertinetti showed us how easy they are to make. Get creative with pineapple, apples or other fruits -- once you know the technique, the only limit is your imagination!

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Heather Bertinetti and you're watching eHow.com. I want to share with you a quick tip. Let's say you have company coming over and you need to do something really fast that looks very elegant. The best thing to do is just to dip some fruit in chocolate. So here I have some chocolate that's already melted. I just want to go through some little pointers about dipping fruit in chocolate. Because fruit is so wet and juicy and chocolate obviously doesn't like water, it's key when you're dipping chocolate to make sure that your fruit is not wet and dry. Obviously wash it but make sure it's dry before you dip it in. So I'm going to just remove my spatula here and I'm just going to dip the strawberry all around holding it at the hole. Now for something like strawberries which have a hole on it you don't quite need the skewer. But let's say I have this piece of pineapple which also is delicious in chocolate in case you've tried it. Just grab a nice skewer. These sell these in the grocery store and with your hand you can dip oh about half of the fruit, drip off the excess and swipe it along the side. Then when you serve it you can put the skewer in it. If you really wanted to get fancy, you could always roll these fruits too in nuts or candies and other things. So this always turns out to be a very impressive dessert for your guests. I mean who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries or any kind of fruit for that matter. You could even use melons, and that's it. We're going to pop these in the refrigerator. You could even keep them in there overnight and then we'll take them out. So here we have our chocolate dipped fruit. Wasn't that easy? I'm Heather Bertinetti. Catch me again on eHow.com.

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