How to Dress After Age 50

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Dressing for after age 50 requires you to keep a few things in mind. Dress after age 50 with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Natalie Jobity, and I'm the president of Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm. I'm going to talk to you today about how to dress for a woman after 50. Dressing for a woman over 50 isn't unlike dressing for a woman under 50, except you want to keep a few considerations in mind. For instance, you always want to think to yourself "is it age appropriate? Is what I'm wearing age appropriate?" Even though you have great legs, you may not want to wear that really really short short mini when you're over 50, just because it may not quite be sending the right signal. You don't want people to ever think like you're trying to hard. Now I'm all for flaunting it... all about that, but just do it in moderation. The second tip I want to share with that is that you want to think "what flatters me? What is forgiving to me?" As we age, our skin - things, colors tend to be harsh on our skins, so you don't want to do too many stark, bold, dark colors because that tends to wash you out and make you look even older. So you want to think about the colors you're wearing and how they affect the way you look. That's a key consideration. Different consideration is, is it suited to your lifestyle? As you get up in age, you want things that are comfortable, that are easy to wear, and just that are really effortless. And that word effortless should be key in your mind, because you want it, at this stage in your life, to be really really simple and straightforward, and really easy. So, having shared those few tips, I wanted to show you some examples of items you want to have in your closet as a woman over 50. You always want to have a few items in your closet that are very very handy, like the classic blazer. This one is just a very very traditional blazer. It can be dressed up, dressed down. All year round, great item to own in your wardrobe at this stage in life. In terms of easy pieces, pieces that are easy, breezy and forgiving are very very great to have in your closet. So this kind of tunic-y top, again, camouflages so many flaws: tummies, waistlines, etc. It's an empire waist, has a funky pattern, looks great with white pants. A great way to dress and feel comfortable and still stylish, and very figure-flattering. You also want to have in your closet some cardigans. Cardigans are always going to be popular, especially since the first lady made made them so back in style. So cardigans, again, just in all different shapes, styles, and colors are going to be great layering pieces when you get chilly, as happens, or when you get too hot, you want to take it off. But cardigans are great pieces to have in your closet. Then you also want to have some classic pieces like the black dress. Little black dress, like this. You want to have that in your closet. Every woman should have one of these. You might want to have yours with sleeves, you might want to have yours as all black, but regardless you want to have that streamlined dress that really works for any occasion. You've got to have that. Maxis are in, and this maxi, again, is a very easy, breezy piece that's smocked at the waist, so it's going to be flattering, but also it's very elongating for shorter statures. And again, very playful and fun. You can pair this, again, with a suit - not a suit, a jacket - sorry, or a cardigan in a contrasting color to just subdue the pattern if it's too much. But a fun, easy breezy piece to wear on a cruise or to wear an afternoon out. All great things. Again, just remember when you're dressing after 50, don't overdo it with color. And you also want to think of things like accessories. Use accessories to add panache and style. Accessories are one size fits all. They flatter all figure types, so that's a great pieces to have in your wardrobe. And also, you want to be thinking of, you know, what makes you feel good. And at this stage, if you don't feel good in your clothes, it's a shame. You want to feel great. You want to feel fabulous in your clothes, so wear clothes that make you feel great. Think about the silhouettes. Think about the styles. Don't necessarily follow trends, just be you. Be fabulous, and flaunt it.


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