How to Look Good in Heels

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It isn't hard to look absolutely fabulous in a pair of heels. Look good in heels with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Natalie Jobity, and I'm the president of Elan Image Management, an image consulting firm. I'm going to show you today how to look good in heels. The key thing to know, when you're trying to select a pair of heels to wear, is what kind of heel is comfortable for you and stylish, because as you get up in age, you want to make sure your comfort is priority, but you still have some style in there too. And there are many kinds of heels that can do that for you. When you're wearing heels - especially heels that have an open toe - you want to make sure you've had a pedicure. That's a great way to not look good in heels, is to have feet that don't look good in your shoes. So, you want to make sure your feet are done, your nails are done, toenails are done, and you'll look great. Another point to note is that you want to think of, you know, what you're wearing your heels with. Are you wearing a skirt? Are you wearing a dress or pants? That kind of determines the kind of heel you're going to wear. I'm going to show you some examples. So, with a pair of slacks, you want to get... for conservative, more classic looking slacks you want to get a pump with a... this is a very conservative heel, a very low heel. It's still a heel, but it's a one and a half inch heel. This is a great heel and shoe to pair with a pair of slacks. Another great heel to pair with slacks could be a slingback. This looks has sassy, and it's also a low heel. It's a very wide heel, and provides a lot of support and comfort; again, back to comfort and style. And another great alternative is to do the boot. This boot is going to be very comfortable. It's a heel, but a long block heel... sorry, a tall block heel, so this will give you the height and actually be great to rock with a pair of jeans or a great pair of slacks. Now, you're wearing your dress, so what do you do? With a dress, the sky is the limit. Pun intended. Even though I don't recommend you wear stiletto heels when you're over 50, necessarily, if you can, go ahead. By all means, flaunt that. But for many women, they want to be more grounded. Pun intended there as well. So, you want to think of... with a dress, you can pretty much go the gamut of shoes. You can do open toes, like a sandal like this, and this one actually has a semi wedge heel, so that looks really really good. This is one of my favorites. This is actually a gladiator sandal, and a very high heel, but the foot bed here is very comfortable, so this is a great great heel to wear with a dress. It's also a what you call the nude metallics. These elongate the leg line, because they blend into the skin tone. They're so in vogue these days. This is a great pair of heels for a dress. So these are the shoes I'm wearing, and they are open-toed sandals, and they have a modest heel. I'm all my feet all day. I want to be comfortable, but I still look good in my heels. My toes are done, and I am all set. Here is my model, Monique, in a very nice outfit for evening or dinner. This is a great option for heels with a dress or skirt. A lot of toe, a lot of skin is showing. It's very sexy and sassy. There are a little ankle strap there, and they're about a three inch high heel. That's a great way to wear your heel with a dress or skirt for a short duration of standing. Still look fabulous, still flaunting it.


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