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It is always encouraged to keep your baby with you in your room for the first three months of its life. Find out when to move a baby to a nursery with help from a CPD in this free video clip.

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Hi, my name is Kathleen Sullivan. I'm a postpartum doula, and infant specialist. And today, we're going to discuss: When is a good time to move your baby into the nursery? And, as a postpartum doula, we really encourage you to keep your baby with you in your room for the first three months of life. And, a baby really needs to be with the parents the first three months of life in the bassinet, or co-sleeper for the first three months of life. Then, what you can do is, you can start by doing the naps in the nursery, and then you could eventually move that baby into the nursery for the nights. But, we really encourage the first three months in with the parents' room. So, when you do move your baby into the nursery, what you want to do is, you want to set them up with certain tools, and you start with these tools at an early age. And, some of the tools that we're going to talk about are white noise - which is a certain type of a sound machine, swaddling - because we're emulating the womb. We want to have a baby swaddled for as long as they can during naps and nighttime. So, any time they're sleeping, we want to encourage swaddling. We want to offer a pacifier if that's what your baby needs, the sound machine, and lowering the lights of the room - in fact, as dark as possible. So, what we're doing is we're setting them up for little triggers to know every time that they have all those triggers, that's reminding them that it's nap time, or sleep time. So, with those triggers, your baby's going to start to know, "Ah, I know it's time that I'm going to sleep." So, you're going to have really successful sleep times because of that. So, once again, my name is Kathleen Sullivan, postpartum doula, infant specialist. And today, we talked about when to move your baby into the nursery.


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