Ozersky’s All-Meat Team: Spareribs

A winner at the Tailgating grill? Look no further than the humble sparerib and in this video, Josh Ozersky shows you how to shun the sugary sauce and reach your fiery greatness.

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. Mike Weaver here with my partner Josh Ozersky. Josh, what's the low down on this? Listen, what we have here... this is a sparerib. This is a nice pork sparerib. I mean, when you talk about pork flavor, when you talk about barbecuing, when you talk about ribs, I mean... that is something that is synonymous with pork spareribs. I don't care how much people talk about baby back ribs. You can have all the baby back ribs you want. They're so cute. You pick them up in one hand. They're self-contained. They don't have too much fat. [Bleep] that. Sparerib is belly meat. It's bacon meat. It's tough, delicious, chewy, porky, fatty meat. And a lot people think spareribs are synonymous with various kinds of sweet sauces, variations on ketchup and vile maple fluid. Other people think that you have to have it smoked for a million years in a barbecue pit. Let me tell you something: this meat is so good, you take it, you salt it, you put it on a hot grill with some good charcoal lump or maybe even some wood chips, what have you... you're going to have something that gives you all of the fiery greatness of pure grilled pork without any of the trouble of braising, smoking, saucing, or any of those other techniques that cause everybody so much trouble when they're drunk. I think we're all trying to get to our fiery greatness. Let's take a look at some of the highlights. This is the sparerib, which means it has this little knuckle end, and sometimes they'll have what they call the St. Louis rib, and the St. Louis rib is cut along here. It's a little bit neater, it's a little bit cuter, and it has a little bit less meat, which makes it a little bit less good. You've succeeded in pissing off everyone in St. Louis. Well that's it for us. I'm Mike Weaver. This is Josh Ozersky. Peace out!

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