How to Build My Lateral Deltoids

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Your lateral deltoids are comprised of your anterior deltoid and your posterior deltoid. Build your lateral deltoids with help from a strength and fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Willie McNeely from Strong Gym. Today I'm going to show you how to build your lateral deltoids. Your deltoids are comprised of your anterior deltoid, your lateral deltoid which is the middle and your posterior deltoid which is your rear deltoid. The first exercise I'll show you are one arm leaning dumbbell lateral raises. So to perform this exercise with my right, you want to get a stationary object, that way with your left hand you can grasp it, that way you can lean your body over. When I'm performing this exercise, remember with your right hand, kind of pretend like you're pouring out a pitcher of water and keep your hand in that position. I'm going to go and lean like this and I'm going to raise up just the dumbbells right to my side. Remember to lower down in a nice and controlled manner, that way you don't compromise a shoulder joint, hold it just for a second at the top, that way you can squeeze your middle deltoid. You can also perform a very similar exercise using a resistance band. I want to go ahead and put this band around my elbow. I'll go and do the same thing, leaning to the side and I'm going to raise up my right deltoid as high as I can. Remember to really squeeze the band at the top. These are just a couple exercises just to really build up your lateral deltoids. Thanks for watching.


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