How to Build Up Leg Muscles Without Doing Squats

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Just because you want to build up your leg muscles doesn't mean you have to do squats. Build up leg muscles without doing squats with help from a strength and fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Willy McNeely from Strong Gym. And today I'm going to show you how to build up your leg muscles without the use of squats. Now squatting is actually the best way to actually build the musculature of your legs. But a lot of people don't like squatting, just because they'll have to put a bar on their back or certain things like that. But there are actually some ways to build up your leg muscles without the use of squatting. The first exercise that I'll show you is the Romanian dead lift. The Romanian dead lift is really going to build up the musculature of your posterior chain, which means your hamstrings and your glute muscles, as well as your lower back. Muscles that would be a direct benefit if you were squatting. The way I'll perform this exercise is I'll stand right in front of this barbell, which is about a little higher than my knees, and I'll grab it about shoulder-width apart. I'll stand up with it, come forward, get my feet about shoulder-width apart, feet slightly pointed out, maintain a good posture, and the first movement I'm going to make is pushing my hips back as far as I can. When I'm performing this exercise, I'm also maintaining a neutral spine. So the back of my head to my tail bone is pretty much a straight line on average. As I go up to the top, I'm squeezing my glutes as hard as I can. On the way down I'm throwing quite a stretch in my hamstrings, and then squeezing my glutes as hard as I can. The next exercise I'll go ahead and show you is the leg press. When we perform the leg press, we're going to go ahead and use these resistance bands. That way it will be a little bit easier on our knees. I'll go ahead and set up inside of this leg press. Make sure the seat angle is right. Now I'll place my feet right on the platform. Now what I'm going to do is push the weight through my heels, and hold it at the top of the rep. Ways to make this exercise harder, is I can also just perform it with one leg at a time. There are several other exercises that I can use to build up my legs without the use of squats, but these couple of exercises I showed you should get you started on the way toward your goals. Thanks for watching.


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