How to Build the Lower Part of the Upper Arm

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The lower part of the upper arm can be built using a few specific exercises. Build the lower part of the upper arm with help from a strength and fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is William McNeely from Strong Gym. And today I'm going to show you how to build the muscles of the lower part of your upper arm, known as the bicep. To build bicep muscles, typically they're muscles that are engaged a lot during time under tension exercises where you need to grip. But the best way to help build the lower part of your upper arm is with dumbbell curls. With a dumbbell curl, the proper way you're going to perform it is have your elbows in. Typically I see many people flare their elbows out when they're curling up, but have your elbows in and start with a pronated position. And what you're going to do is bring it up to a supinated position. You can perform it one at a time, or two at a time. The easy way to remember the difference between pronated and supinated is: remember pronated is like pouring out a pitcher of water, and supinated is like serving a platter of food. Again I'll go ahead and show you, the difference, pronated, all the way to supinated. This next exercise I'm going to perform is known as chaos curls. They're called chaos curls due to the chaotic nature of how the weight is hanging from these resistance bands. This causes micro-vibrations, which will, in a sense, cause your motor units within your muscles to go a little haywire. The goal being that the more motor units you can engage, the more muscle cells you will engage as well. I'll show you how to perform these. When you perform chaos curls, make sure to maintain a strong posture and keep your elbows to your sides. There are many other exercises you can perform, but these are just two that will help you out and get you to reach your goals. Thanks for watching.


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