How to Mix Chick Peas & Black Beans

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Chick peas and black beans can be mixed in a few different ways. Mix chick peas and black beans with help from a vegetarian chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karen Bukolt with That's Vegetarian dot com. Today, I'm going to show you how to mix chickpeas and black beans. When you're going to mix the chickpeas and the black beans, depending on the type of dish you're making, will determine if you want to use more or less of the other. In this particular dish, we're going to have it with a bit of a Southwestern flair to it, so I'm using equal parts. If you're doing something that has a bit of a curry flavor to it, I might use a little bit more of the chickpeas than the black beans. And, if I was doing something perhaps a little bit more south of the border, I would use a little bit more black beans than I would the chickpeas. So, it's up to you. I have equal ratios here on the mixing of the black beans and the chickpeas. I have some chopped cilantro. I have some chopped red pepper and green pepper and some chopped tomatoes. So, we're to put all of those into our bowl. Oh, and we also had some black olives in there as well. Those are mixed in with the black beans. I barely saw them. Next, we are going to make a little bit of a, kind of like a little bit of a mixture to go in it with avocado. The best way to have an avocado is a nice ripe one of course. And, I find it easiest to cut through the avocado by making a bit of a criss cross pattern with the avocado and then you simply turn it outside and either a lot of them fall off, or you can just take them out with a knife or a spoon. I can get this one. We're going to use both sides of the avocado, but if we don't, it's good to store the avocado with the seed in it. It helps prevent it from browning as quickly. K, we've got our, we have our avocado in there. We're going to put in some chili powder. And, you can either use lime or lemon juice. We're going to use a little bit of lemon. Lime also goes really well with the dishes and we're going to mush it up. You can use a potato masher or the fork. Can even use the back of a spoon. Then a little bit of salt. And, a little bit of pepper. Take it and put it with our chickpeas and black bean mix. Another serving option is instead of mixing it in, you can just mix the other ingredients, the tomatoes and the chickpeas and the black beans and such, and then just put a dollop of the avocado mix on top as another option. And, so here we have our chickpeas and black beans mixed to make a wonderful salad.


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