Greek Chick Pea Salad

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Greek chick pea salad requires chick peas, cucumbers and other healthy ingredients. Find out about chick pea salad with help from a vegetarian chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Karen Bukolt with Today I'm going to show you how to make a Greek chick pea salad. The ingredients that we're going to use in our Greek chick pea salad are chick peas. We have the cucumbers that have been quartered and sliced. We have chopped tomatoes. You can also use cherry or grape tomatoes. We have thinly sliced green onions, black olives, chopped, you can also use kalamata olives, some parsley that we'll chop and put in there. We have some minced garlic and feta cheese but you can omit the feta cheese if you want to make it vegan and we also have some Israeli couscous. So we'll start off with the Israeli couscous. You boil that for about six to eight minutes, twice the amount of water to the couscous you put in, the chopped garlic. We're just chopping the parsley with our kitchen shears. It just makes it easier than chopping it and then scraping it off a cutting board, add the feta cheese and now time to make our dressing. We have some red wine vinegar with the vinegar you can always add more so we're adding about a teaspoon of red wine vinegar, a good finishing olive oil for the dressing, so a nice extra virgin. We're putting about two teaspoons of that in, a dash of garlic salt and that came out for us and we're going to juice half of a lemon and we'll, if you get some seeds in there you'll just want to fish them out and a little, we already put the garlic salt, a little bit of pepper and then we'll shake it up. Make sure your lid is on tight so it doesn't wind up all over your kitchen. You can also use a glass jar. It doesn't need much mixing. You can also whisk it together if you'd like. And that's poured over. This will be light and tangy with the lemon juice and very fresh with the cilantro and the olive oil and all of the fresh ingredients. It just has such beautiful colors in it and very fragrant and light and it gives it a little bit more heartiness with having the Israeli couscous. You can also add more cheese or more of any of the other ingredients to suit your taste. So you'll want to chill this in the fridge for a good hour before you serve it. It's much better chilled than at room temperature and it also gives a chance for the couscous to absorb some of the dressing as well as the veggies. Once again this is Karen with That's Vegetarian. Enjoy your Greek chick pea salad.


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