How to Cook Dry & Red Kidney Beans

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Dry and red kidney beans need to be cooked in a very specific way. Cook dry and red kidney beans with help from a vegetarian chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karen Bukolt with Today I'm going to show you how to make dry and red kidney beans. The first step is to soak our kidney beans for a minimum of four hours or overnight or any other dry beans that you're doing. If you're using one cup of dry beans, I would put in at least three cups of water so you have enough water for the beans to absorb. This minimizes the cooking time and it also helps reduce the risk or flatulence. And also to help with that reduction, we are going to drain the kidney beans and rinse them. And then we are going to put them in a pot to cook them. I prefer to use a pot as opposed to a pressure cooker or a crock pot because you can monitor how well done your beans get. if you prefer them a little bit more al dente like I do, then you can test them in the pot, which you can't do with a pressure cooker and it's a little bit more difficult with a crock pot. We're now going to fill it with about two to three times as much water. I also add some epazote, which helps with flatulence as well. Because that's people's concerns when eating beans. Now we take this and put it to the stove top and cook it for about an hour. We're going to put the burner on high and put the pan on there and wait for the water to come to a boil. Once it comes to a boil we're going to lower it to a simmer, partially cover it, and then let it cook for about another hour, testing it after about 45 minutes to see if it's to the texture that we like. All right our kidney beans have been cooking for about an hour, let's check on them. Al dente, the way I like it. So we're going to take them and drain them and give them a rinse so they quit cooking. And we now have our dried kidney beans cooked. Once again, I'm Karen Bukolt with, and you now know how to make dry and red kidney beans.


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