How to Re-Upholster a Kitchen Chair

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An old kitchen chair can be re-upholstered in no-time. Re-upholster a kitchen chair with help from an award-winning celebrity interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelli Ellis, of Kelli Ellis Interiors, and this is how to reupholster a kitchen chair. Step one, unscrew the seat base. Step two, you're going to want to take the seat and remove the backing of the seat to see what you're working with. Step three, you want to measure on the fabric you've chosen what size you'll need to cut out. So a little tip here when you're cutting your fabric or actually deciding where your fabric is going to be is actually look at the fabric and see if there is a center pattern. If there's no center pattern, go right ahead and start cutting but if there is one particular pattern in the center, you obviously want to center it on the seat. For this one we're good to go. Step four, mark and cut out the fabric that you're going to use. When you're cutting your fabric and you've made your marks, you want to go ahead and not cut too close and you want to keep it as a general square pattern. You obviously don't want to cut off the corners and you're not going to be able to cut the corners of your seats. Step five, you'll staple and place the fabric right on top of the existing fabric. Okay, now here's a tip when you're stapling. You want to start on the opposite sides first. So in the middle of one side is where you begin, watch your fingers and then you pull it kind of tight and center again. Do the same thing with the opposite sides. Step six, tighten and re-staple where necessary. So when you get to the corners, you want to cut off the excess fabric. It just makes it really difficult to get a nice tight corner. So go on ahead and cut off the extra fabric to make your job just a little bit easier. Step seven, re-screw the seat base and wallah, you're finished. You have a brand new kitchen chair. Once again I'm Kelli Ellis and that was how to reupholster a kitchen chair. If you have any questions, go to


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