DIY Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Installation

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Kitchen cabinet hardware installation doesn't have to require an expensive contractor. Learn about do-it-yourself kitchen cabinet hardware installation with help from an award-winning celebrity interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelli Ellis, of Kelli Ellis Interiors, and this is how to do it yourself changing your cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware is one of the easiest ways to jazz up your kitchen in a really quick way, inexpensive way. There are some things to think about, this being one of them. If you have an older cabinet, you're generally only going to have the thickness of the cabinet to deal with. If you have a newer cabinet like I have, you've got the box and then you have the front or the fascia of the cabinet. So this is what you need to be mindful of, different size screws. So we have our original hardware which clearly need some help. Then we have our new choices. Now, if you have a single pull you might want to replace that with a single pull. Most of us don't want to fill in holes, we don't want to try to fix the holes, I mean we're trying to do a quick fix, inexpensive fix. So if you have a single hole, look for something that also has a single hole. Now there's many many styles of single holes. You can go with something like this, painted. There's many styles or you can go a little traditional, something that looks like a combination between a larger pull but still has a single hole in the back. Okay, so that's something to be mindful of. The next most important thing to be mindful of is the fact that we have different size screws. Now again thinking back to whether or not you have an older cabinet or a new cabinet, newer cabinets have the box, plus the fascia. So you need to make sure that the screw sticks out just enough that you can still get the new hardware on. That's really important. So, when installing, we're going to install the screw and then go ahead and just twist it on and it's that simple. But remember that each handle has a different look to it. So it's really important that you decide on your theme. The theme of the kitchen, the theme of the bathroom, the theme of the bedroom, wherever you're changing that handle out, you want to make sure that you stick with that theme. You've got an old world style, maybe an old world handle, something that's a little newer, a little newer handle, chrome finishes, things like that that are going to add that pop. This is the least expensive way to add a new look to your kitchen or bathroom. Once again I'm Kelli Ellis and that was how to change your own cabinet hardware. If you have any questions, go to


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