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Both your kitchen and your bathroom can be designed in a wide variety of ways. Get decorating ideas for kitchen and bath with help from an award-winning celebrity interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelli Ellis of Kelli Ellis Interiors. Welcome to my home. I'm going to talk about how to decorate your kitchen and your bathroom. Don't be afraid of open shelving. Now most people cringe thinking oh my gosh, I have to be organized, I have to be neat, things have to look good. This is kind of true but think more display. It really opens up your kitchen. If you have cabinets that actually house just a bunch of things and you know you can probably rearrange, really consider removing the cabinets and doing open shelves. These are really clean contemporary shelves. There's nothing really fancy about the shelf itself but then you can get fancy with the things you put on it, collectibles, things you've gotten from travels around the world. So consider open shelving, it's a good good resource for you to really open up your kitchen. Now I want to show you something over here. Now check this out. This is what I call brave. This is an open pantry. So the shelf was one thing, now we're really really putting everything on display. Don't be afraid of this. If you have a gourmet kitchen or a working kitchen, it's so amazing just to reach for the things that you need and it looks great. It adds color. It adds life to your kitchen, something really happens here, we really cook here. So don't be afraid of this. I want to show you something else. Now, I know it's scary right? Black cabinets are you kidding? Go with it. Open your mind, black goes with absolutely everything and the kitchen doesn't look dark. I promise, I've done this so many times with so many clients and every time it's baby steps and I'm holding their hands. Afterwards, nothing but delight. You can touch up easily, touch up the paint easily and it has such a bold rich look. It's just, it's perfect for most kitchens. So don't be afraid to think about black next time you're thinking about designing your kitchen. This is a great idea for a bathroom. Now most of us have a giant mirror already in our bathrooms. It was trendy for the last, I don't know, 30 years so what we want to do is maybe update that look without ripping out the entire mirror. This is a great idea, adding another framed mirror on top of a mirror. Yes it can be done. It's a simple mounting process, but it's mounted right on top. Have a professional do it, I would suggest, so things don't fall on you, but it's a gorgeous look. It gives you some depth. It delineates the space and just gives some visual interest and I like a lot of relief, along those same lines is you might think about replacing the can lights you already have with a pendant light and it's so easily done. Same wiring, nothing much to do but you pick a gorgeous pendant light and again it adds a different focal point and always remember this, when you hang a pendant light in front of a mirror, you're actually doubling your light. So don't worry that the light seems small or it's not going to cast enough light. This is really your ambient light because most of us have task lighting as well in our bathrooms. So this is just for a different look and a different pop. Don't be afraid to try these things in your home. Once again, I'm Kelli Ellis talking about kitchen and bath ideas. If you have any questions, locate me at


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