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The layout of your room depends on a wide variety of factors. Get room layout advice with help from an award-winning celebrity interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelli Ellis, for Kelli Ellis Interiors at Ambiance Home Collection, and this is how to lay out a room. The most important thing about laying out a room is to space plan. I cannot say that enough. Space plan, space plan, space plan. You've got to know what space you're working with, how much furniture you have. So there's three "F's": there's furniture, there's function, and there's flow. What does that mean? First of all, we have to take in account the furniture you're going to keep. What furniture has to stay? And we love furniture, who doesn't? But if you have some pieces that are over-sized, that are not going to work, if you know you're going to get rid of them, all we want to do is account for the furniture that's going to be in the room. Then we need to talk about flow. Make sure that you're not impeding walkways. OK, this is a beautiful layout, yeah? But we don't want to do this just because the furniture looks great. I don't want to side-step around the furniture because that does not make a functional room, OK? So now your function's taken away. You gotta think about the function of the room. What is this room for? Do we need to do homework? Do we need to lounge? Do we want to read books? Do we want it quiet? So function's really important. And this room clearly is not functioning, even though it's a beautiful space, yippy-skippy, it's basically an unused space, it becomes storage. So when you're laying out a room, make sure you have three things. You've got furniture, you know what furniture's going to stay, what furniture you need to get, that plays into function. What's the function of the room? What needs to happen in that space, in that room? And flow, do not interrupt any areas, any ingress, egress, into the room. The flow of the room needs to function. Everything needs to feel good or you won't use the room. You might as well not even have a room. So, remember those three things so that you lay out your room perfectly. Once again, I'm Kelli Ellis, and that was how to lay out a room, or how not to lay out a room. And if you have any questions, go to


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