How to Strengthen an Atrophied Calf Muscle

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An atrophied calf muscle can be strengthened using a few specific exercises. Strengthen an atrophied calf muscle with help from the founder, owner and director of STRONG gym in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello this is Willy McNeely from Strong Gym and today I'm going to show you how to strengthen an atrophied calf muscle and the best ways to strengthen at first if it's, depending on how severe the case of the atrophied calf is more functional movements such as walking against resistance like dragging a sled. This will be a more functional exercise to help quickly strengthen that atrophied calf muscle just because walking is one of the most natural things us humans do. Just to drag the sled is very simple, you're just going to grab the rope behind the sled as so and just walking forward. That's going to put your calf muscles in the position to push off of the ground just to help build up the legs and just get a lot of blood flow and more circulation there to help build up the muscle and since it also is a concentric only movement it's going to help build the muscle in a lot safer way without getting you know, too much distress to the calf muscle. Some of the best exercises to help strengthen an atrophied calf muscle are exercises that are going to help increase the range of the motion of the foot which will in turn strengthen the calf muscles and the surrounding musculature. The first exercises I'll show you are just more band exercises just because you want to minimize the stress of the actual calf muscle and you can just put the band around the ball of your foot and just press away. And this will help to strengthen your gastrocnemius or what is most commonly known as your calf muscle. To help strengthen the anterior portion of your calf muscle is, you could do more dorsi flexion type exercises. I'll put the band around my foot and this is going to help strengthen the tibialis anterior. This is also a good way to help out with shin splits too. Just point your toe away and then curl your toe back up. These are just a couple exercises to help strengthen the atrophied calf muscle just by increasing actual function first and getting that more of the range of motion mobility back. That way when you progress to further exercises it will be a lot easier since your foundation is a lot better built. Thanks for watching.


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