How to Work Out When a Little Sore

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Just because you're a little sore doesn't mean you can't still work out. Work out when you're a little sore with help from the founder, owner and director of STRONG gym in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Willy McNeely from Strong Gym. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to work out when a little sore. Usually, that feeling of soreness you get from workout, is due to eccentric damage that's been caused in the muscle. Usually the eccentric damage is caused from the eccentric motion of any of the movements are performed, when working out. Such as you know, typically in a bench rest, when you're lowering the weight down. The muscles in your chest will stretch out and you know, actually kind of rip apart. Which will cause the muscular damage, that when your body recovers, it's going to get stronger than it was before. But, due to all the, just the nature of the eccentric motion you know, that's why you're going to feel sore. So, ways to work out, and you know, kind of help promote blood flow and act of recovery to the movement. Are more movements of a concentric nature, or the actual portion of the movement, where you're pressing up. And there are many exercises that are known as concentric only movements. That will help promote the blood flow with you know, decreasing any chance of further making the muscles sore. Or, taking the eccentric stress portion out of the movement. So, I'll go ahead and show you a couple of exercises we like to perform. The sled is a great act of recovery movement. As most of the movements we're going to perform on the sled, are concentric only in nature. Thereby, going to just promote good blood flow and just help with your recovery. The first movement I'll perform is, dragging the sled, wearing a power belt. I'll just put the power belt over my abs and I try and maintain a good upright posture. And I'm just going to walk forward with the sled. A few upper body act of recovery movements, I can perform in sled, include, curls, different types of back work. Or, I can even perform a chest press type movement. There are several other exercises you can perform for act of recovery, with or without a sled. That'll help you workout when you're a little sore. Thanks for watching.


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