How to Plant Garlic in Early Spring

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Early spring is a wonderful time of the year for planting garlic -- assuming you live in the right area. Learn how to plant garlic in early spring with help from a garden teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Jessica Craven. I'm a master gardener and I have my certification in Permaculture Design. Today we're going to talk about planting garlic in early Spring and actually if you live in a temperate climate say Arizona, California, Florida, you can grow garlic year round, not just early Spring. Basically what I do is I get cloves of garlic and I'll put them in either a bag or a refrigerator and I usually like to make sure that the garlic is organic, something form a farmer's market, break it apart and over time in the dark cool environment, the cloves of garlic will start to sprout. So little things of green sprouts will come out the end and you can just plant that in the ground, once the ground is at least 60 degrees. So for most of us that's early Spring and your garlic will grow upright and over time, you'll see these great little flowers on there and they'll be seeds and you know it's time to dig up your garlic and harvest it. So those are some tips on planting your garlic in the early Spring.


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