How to Put on a Tie Tack

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Tie tacks, as their name implies, are designed to keep your ties neat and in order while wearing them. Put on a tie tack with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions. And, let's talk about tie tacks. I'm not actually going to tell you to wear a tie tack, because I personally don't recommend them. A tie tack has an actual post that would go through the tie, and I actually think it will damage your tie. It'll just leave a hole in there, and it's kind of pointless. So, what I would recommend, if you want something that will hold your tie to your shirt and keep it from flying around in the wind, or you're bending over a lot and you don't want it, like, getting in food if you're cooking or something messy, or smearing all over paint or, I don't know, whatever else you're going to be doing with a tie on that's going to get real messy, it'll help hold it in place. Some men wear it just for style, but a lot of men want it for function. It's just a bar, and on the back its got, like, an alligator clip that's just spring-loaded. Generally speaking, it's pretty easy and simple. There's lots of different styles. You can get them really ornate, you can get them with, like, logos for different brands. Some have jewels in them, some have different stones or textures, all kinds of fun things. You can get them in different metals, whatever fits your personality, and it's going to match the suit and tie that you're wearing. But, it's pretty simple and easy to use. You just clip it right on. And, you want to make sure that it goes through the back of your shirt as well, because that's what holds the tie to the shirt and keeps it from blowing around in the wind, or moving around. Now, you're going to want to connect the tie bar, not tie tack - tie bar, along the back behind. So, clip it behind just like that, and that clips it. Now, you want to make sure it's nice and level and even. And, where you place it on your chest depends on where your waistline falls, and where your tie is. So, how long you have, and where you want the focal point to be. If you're going to wear your jacket buttoned up, and you want the tie bar to show, or whether you don't as well. So, you're going to take - and again, it's going to flip right through the shirt and the tie. Make sure those are connected together. And, there you go. That's how you put on a tie bar.


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