How to Tie a Double Knot Necktie

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A double knot necktie needs to be tied in a very specific way. Tie a double knot necktie with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions. And today, I have our model Dan, and we're going to talk about the double knot tie, or it's also known as a Windsor. There's a half Windsor, and then the full Windsor. Today, we're going to work on the full Windsor. So, you'd have your tie, and you have your short tail. Now, if you have a real long torso, you definitely want an extra long tie for this type of knot, because it takes up extra length of the tie. So, you start with your short tail in your left hand, you cross it over the front - with the front, and then pull it up through the back. And, you'll notice that the little loop is on one side of the tail. You're trick it again, holding onto it really tight, you cross over the tail, and pull it up through the back. So, now you've got the little loops on both sides of the tail. So, then you wrap, holding on tight, because that's the trick to tying the tie is to hold on nice and tight. Wrap it around so you've got that nice straight line across the front, then pull it up through the back. Lovely. And then, down through the rabbit hole, just like when you learned to tie your shoes. There you go, awesome. Then, pull in tight. You pull both ends at the same time to help make that knot nice and tight. Now, this is a much fuller knot, and it's great on a gentleman that has a wider neck. A big full knot isn't the most flattering for someone that has a really long, thing neck. It'll just accentuate that, and make you look like you have, like, a skinny little bird neck. So, it's better for a man that has a wider neck, and with a spread collar it's gorgeous, it's a great look. And then, just tighten it up, straighten it out, make it nice and tight by pulling the back, and there you go. This is the Windsor knot, a nice full knot. So, this is how you tie a Windsor knot. And again, this is Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions, reminding you to express your greatness.


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