How to Hang a Suit

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You'll always want to be careful when hanging a suit so as not to get it wrinkly or dirty. Hang a suit with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions. And today, we're at Men's Wearhouse in Layton, Utah, and we are going to talk about how to hang your suit. So, we all have our lovely suits. You've bought them, you've had them tailored, they're the perfect style for you, you love the color. Let's take care of them the best we can. And, what I mean by take care of them is hang them correctly. Now, what I recommend is actually a cedar wood hanger. A cedar wood hanger will actually absorb any moisture that's left in your suit from the wear throughout the day, because we perspire whether we think we do or not. So, it'll help to maintain the lining and the foam in the shoulder pads, and just help your suit to last longer. It'll also help to absorb any odor. You don't need to wash or dry clean your suit each time that you wear it. You'll get more wear out of it if you actually do not wash it or dry clean it as often. So, a cedar wood hanger is the first thing that you need. The second thing is your suit. So, here we go, you have your pants, you just threw them off, great. Well, let's actually, like, take care of them pretty quick. So, I match the seams actually from the pants - from the leg opening, because I'm kind of lazy, and I can never seem to do it from the top. So, for me that works really nice and easy. Some people can do it easily from the waistband. So, you have them hanging nice, and look, it's all twisted. That means one of my legs are twisted. So, you make sure your legs are both the same direction. It'll lay nice and neat and flat. So, you want to just make sure that the creases stay really well. Fold it in half, and take your suit hanger, and you just slide it right through. And, make sure it hangs nice and neat. And, you want to make sure the crease is in the front and the back seam, and all along the pants, laying nice and smooth. It'll help it to lay nice and smooth and flat, and it will keep it from wrinkling as much when it's hanging in your closet. And, it will just keep the pants nicer overall. So, the next thing that you're going to want to do is grab your suit jacket. Same thing. Now, remember, that cedar hanger is going to help to absorb any moisture, and any odors that are left behind in your suit. You hang it right over, make sure it's nice and neat. You want to use a good wide hanger. You don't want anything that's - a wire hanger's going to leave, like, a shoulder nipple and a little dip in the side of your shoulder, and that's just not a good thing. So, use a good sturdy hanger that's going to keep your suit really nice. Make sure it's laying nice and smooth, and that is how you hang a suit. And again, I'm Tressa from Total Style Solutions.


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