How Do I Measure Men's Suits?

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Men's suits are measured in a very specific way. Learn how you can measure men's suits on your own with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions, and let's talk about how to measure a mens' suit. Now we have our model here, handsome model, Chad, and we're going to do a measurement to help figure out what size jacket he should wear. Now for the jacket height or the length of the jacket, there's regular and there's long. Chad's 6'2", correct? Yes. So 6'2", anybody over 6', 6'1" is going to want to probably wear a long. It does depend slightly on your body shape and your vertical proportions meaning the length of your torso versus the length of your legs, but Chad has a nice even proportion so a long is going to work beautifully on his figure. So, the first measurement, go ahead and separate or lift your arms out for me, is to go ahead and take right underneath the armpits and across the chest and take that first measurement right there. So he's a little bit over 42, that's what we have so far in the chest, but because he's got a nice muscular build and a broad shoulder we're going to take a second measurement all the way around the arms. Same place, just around the arms and then you subtract seven, so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, that puts him about 44 and 1/2. So we're going to put him in a 44 long and I think that's going to fit him beautifully. So to measure pants, you don't necessarily have to feel uncomfortable in the inseam. You can actually measure on the outside and down and then you just subtract ten and that will give you the inseam or the length of the pants that you should wear. The reason that you take ten off is to take up the rise from the crotch to the waist, that's about ten inches, generally speaking on most men. So, the inseam, you take the length from the outside and then you subtract ten for the rise of the pant. That's how you get your inseam length. So we've taken the 44 long and we've placed it on Chad and it fits beautifully across his shoulders. It's not too tight. It's the proper length for him. Now you'll notice though, he's got a nice trim athletic figure so it's a little bulky around the waist. So I would definitely recommend tailoring the suit to trim it down to fit his body better and then tailor the sleeves to help them fit as well and then you have the perfect fitting suit. This is how you measure a mens' suit. And again I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions and I encourage you to express your greatness.


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