How to Match Colors When Wearing a Suit

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When matching colors for wearing a suit you should keep a few things in mind. Match colors when wearing a suit with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions, and let's talk about matching the colors with the suit that you're choosing to wear. So, you've selected a great suit, you love it, you've had it tailored, it fits you perfect. You feel like a million bucks. Now what colors do you add in with that suit, what is going to match? That's a big question for men and I know you're dying to know. So, the first thing you want to know is is it an Earth tone, an olive or a tan or is it a gray style like these or a dark black. Black is pretty simple. You can pretty much wear anything with anything black and gray is almost like the new black, a dark charcoal gray where you can mix and match a lot of different colors and styles with it as well. Now if you're going to choose an olive suit I would definitely choose more Earth tone colors, those yellows, burnt oranges, those golds. So you notice that we have those orange tones in an ecru shirt rather than a solid white shirt. It just kind of blends and gives it that overall look and now, this ecru kind of yellow color is not a color that flatters every man's skin tone so make sure it's going to flatter your skin tone if you're going to war this style, otherwise, wear it with a white shirt or a shirt that does flatter your skin tone because that's right up next to your face and guys, you don't have the luxury of wearing a lot of makeup to hide when the colors and things are going wrong in your face, you know bags under the eyes, you've had a rough night. Girls put on a lot of makeup and hide it. You guys don't do the same thing, so be kind, wear colors that flatter your skin tone and don't make you look more pale and washed out and tired than you already are. So a great option again to pull those colors in with a totally different style of look is it's more creative and fun with the polka dots than the stripes through it, rather than that traditional style and it brings out a little bit of the blues and things as well if that's a color that you like, or, you can go simple with a more solid neutral tie and just slide it right in with that, a great look as well. So just remember if you're wearing Earth tones try and stick with those Earth tones. If you're wearing the more cool colors in the blue category, those blues and purples and crisp whites, even the pinks, that would be something you would want to wear with a gray or a black rather than that olive type of suit. So again, monochromatic mixing for the different styles and the different colors of the patterns, monochromatic keeps those colors all looking good in the different patterns. But then, mixing the colors if you want to just change it up a little bit. We've got a great cobalt blue shirt but you've got totally different colors of ties that blend, that gray suit, the blue shirt and then those colors tie it all in together and create an awesome and totally hot looking outfit. Same thing you can do with the gray jacket. You can do the stripes, blue shirt, mix it up, wear a gray solid shirt and then the different colors of ties. Now whether they're the same pattern or not, the colors are what's going to matter and sticking with the blues with the blues and the grays, the purples with the blues and the grays are going to be much easier than trying to mix the Earth tones with the blue colors and those cool colors. So don't mix your cool and warm Earth tones and cool blue colors. Go ahead and keep those together for that blending look that just looks like a million bucks. I'm Tressa, Total Style Solutions.


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