How to Arrange Flower Beds

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Flower beds are best arranged in a very specific way. Learn how to arrange flower beds with help from a certified horticulturist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jim Tarr with Glover Nursery. Today, we'll be learning about arranging flower beds. On small flower garden plans, we want a few things. We want to make sure we have flowers all season long, so we need some things for... oh let's go over here... spring, summer, and fall. Let's draw just a little flower bed maybe by the front of your house. If we go to do a little house right here. Let's do some taller things in the back here, some medium things in the middle, and we'll do some smaller things out in the front areas. Let's use our template, and I think we want to do some big grasses back maybe in the corner. Let's do a couple here. We'll use the grasses not only for height, but also for texture and for some fall color. On our grasses, let's do a nice big miscanthus. I think maybe, let's do morning light. So we have one now that's really a bloomer in the fall. Let's do something for summer that's tall. Let's do some summer phlox. The summer phlox is going to be just a little bit smaller than the miscanthus, so let's go ahead and put in some summer phlox. Maybe... let's do one here, one out here. Summer phlox can be in a great variety of colors: anything from white, pink, lavender, orange, cherry... it just doesn't matter; they pretty have a color for summer phlox. Let's put something in for spring since we have one for fall and one for summer. Let's do something small. Let's do some candy tuft. Now the candy tuft we'll put up front here. They might only get 10-12 inches tall, 10-12 inches around, so we're going to use a few more of those. The bigger an item is, usually the fewer you need of them. Candy tuft also is really nice because it not only blooms in early spring, but it's evergreen, so that makes a nice edger so that you have something there in the wintertime as well. A nice long bloomer for summer might be Gaillardia. Gaillardia is a mid-season flower. It'll grow between 10 and 15 inches tall depending on which variety you use. I think we'll do goblin. The Gaillardia is usually an orange and yellow, or you can do burgundy. This is Jim Tarr, and today we've learned about arranging flower beds.


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