How to Transplant Phlox Flowers

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Phlox flowers need to be transplanted in a very specific way. Learn how to transplant Phlox flowers with help from a certified horticulturist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Donna Emery from Glover Nursery in West Jordan, Utah, and we're going to be transplanting phlox today. We have a large stand of creeping phlox here that's ready to be transplanted. I'm going to move some of it across the path, so we have some repetition. The best time to do this is either early spring or in the fall. Fall is probably better, because this is an early spring bloomer, and we don't want to disturb it when it's blooming. This plant roots along the ground as it touches the ground, so some of these plants have already grown roots. So I'm going to try dividing it: just put my shovel down against the edge of the stone and go down fairly far. I've loosened this completely around and I'm using my snips to sever some of the connection to the parent plant. I can get under here with my little hand trowel. There's some more roots I want to snip rather than tear, and I'm just going to pick this up and move it to the new location. I already have the hole ready. On a hot windy day like this, you don't want this plant out of the ground any longer than you absolutely have to. And I'm just making it level with the soil around it, and back filling that little empty spot there. Because this is on a slope, I'm going to create a little bit of a damn below it so the water doesn't rush off too quickly and leave this plant high and dry. Start watering from the uphill side, gently. Going to let that soak in just a minute, and start again. I'm Donna Emery from Glover Nursery, and we've been transplanting phlox.


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