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Sparerib? Bacon? Scrapple? Which cut can lay claim to a spot on the All-Meat Team? Josh Ozersky knows and the eHow Tailgating titan has a top five squad ready to take on any team and any grill in this meat-searing video.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to Josh Ozersky's All Meat Team. I'm Mike Weaver and with me as always, my partner, the minister of meat, the guru of the grill, Josh Ozersky. What's up first? Look you knew it had to come along sometime Mike and I think it's something that we all want, all love, all demand, all need as part of our daily life, the sixth food group, bacon. I feel very strongly bacon has to be omnipresent in almost everything you do in a tailgate, but it has to be the right bacon. I'm talking about thick bacon. This slice I'm holding is about comparable to a Nestle Crunch bar and that's something that's going to really give you the powerful fat nitrate and sat smoky punch that you so desire when you're falling down on cold cheap beer. As a Canadian I'm willing to bet you don't have any idea what's scrapple? You know you read my Canadian mind Josh. Oh, it's not hard. No it isn't, there's moose up there, there's some hockey sticks but what is this? Scrapple essential consists as its name might imply of the waste products of the pig particularly its inner organs and various other extra bits let's say which are along with the skin, cooked down with pork broth until it forms a kind of a hot greasy delicious porridge and that porridge is then left to set with cornmeal in nice big loaf pans and after that cools down they turn it over, it looks like this. You slice it up, you have bacon fat from what we just ate, what could be more delicious than everything in the pig concentrated down to one porky loaf. Mike, ask me what my favorite meat is, Josh, what is your...lamb fat. You know Mike, any animal that walks around on four legs is going to need to have very strong shoulders. It's not like it's just sitting there in a Lazy Boy moving the remote control or something, all day long it's walking around. That means that it's got all these weird muscles in its shoulders, they're working at all different kinds of angles and the more they work the better they taste and the better they taste the more I want to cook them. These are cheap, they're thick, you get them, you grill them, you braise them, you eat them and then you do it again. Josh what's your number two pick? Well, it was a hard one but I got to say when I think about tailgating I think about porky greatness, I think about spareribs. These are the full spares Mike not the little St. Louis ribs. They've got the knuckle on them each one is meaty and porky and salty and sizzly and best of all it fits perfectly into the hairy knuckled first of a hungry man at a tailgate. That's why spareribs are my number two tailgate meat. Great call, maharajah of meat. It's time to party. Josh what have you got over there? It's a toddler size slice of meat. For the number one tailgating meat, take it over here, you've got to tackle it. It takes like two men to pull it down. The might massive whole packer cut brisket. This meat Mike, this immense, I don't even know what you would call it. It looks like a cross between a giant animal, a tongue and the brain of a God. It's basically two separate pieces of meat that together are one of the toughest fattiest stringiest nastiest and gnarliest things in the entire beef carcass and yet once blessed by either smoke or in this case, Dr. Pepper say, we can make this into something of such surpassing tenderness, succulence, unxious mouth feel and beefy flavor that half a dozen heavy men can come back for thirds, fourths and fifths without even making a serious dent in the meat. Josh. The brisket, my number one tailgating treat. Well there you have it people, the 2011 Josh Ozersky All Meat Team. That is one strong field of muscle. We'd love to stay and eat but we've got to go. Until next time, so long everybody.

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