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"Cooler" lipstick colors can go well with clothes and other types of makeup that fall into this category. Find out about cool lipstick colors with help from a longtime professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nancy Paterr,a and I'm a makeup artist in Los Angeles. We are going to discuss for a moment what a cool lipstick tone is. A cool lipstick color will have more of a blue undertone to it as opposed to a warm golden one. You can see on my hand right here this color has a little bit more of a golden tone to it. This one right here has a little bit more of a cool tone to it. So it's got a little more of a pinkie look. And this one has a little bit more of a coraly look. So lets take that blue undertone color that cool color and put it on our model. All we need is a lip brush and your cool undertone lip color. Now you can even see cool undertones when you get into reds and pinks. Usually the more fuchsia the color the more blue the undertone will be in it. And same with reds you'll see more of a depth when it has more of a blue undertone. And if you are choosing to go into a red lip color stick with the blue undertone. It makes the teeth look a lot whiter. This color would qualify as a blue or cool undertone nude pink. So lets review. What is a cool undertone? A cool undertone has more of a blue base to it as opposed to a warm undertone which has more of a golden base. What we did with our model was take the cool base pink undertone lip color and put it right on her. And it looks gorgeous. Thank you.


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