How to Transplant Tall Tomatoes

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Transplanting tall tomatoes can be done by following a very specific procedure. Learn how to transplant tall tomatoes with help from a garden teacher and expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Jessica Craven. I'm a master gardener and I have my certification in permaculture design. Today, I want to talk about planting or transplanting tall tomatoes. Sometimes when you go to the nursery instead of getting shorter tomatoes you'll be getting kind of larger tomatoes that maybe three inches, six inches, eight inches. Maybe even a foot high. And you are going to kind of wonder how's, what's the best way for me to transplant these tomatoes. Or perhaps you've grown from seeds, started them inside and the winter stayed a little bit colder, longer then you thought into spring. And your tomatoes they're in the plants and they are a lot taller then you were thinking that you'd like to ideally transplant them. So what you want to do is to actually bury them in the soil a bit deeper. So about two to three inches, sometimes even four and five inches of the stalk. You want to lay the tomato on it's side if it's extra tall. And so you instead of planting it upright you plant it and slightly bend the tomato stalks. Say for example right here. You do a slight bend of it and plant the stalk underneath the ground and so it will start to grow upright. What will happen is in addition to the roots that the regular plant has the part of the stalk that you've now planted underground as you keep it nice and moist it will also be developing roots. So you'll have a very extensive root system as it starts to grow upright. One thing that I would suggest is right at the very beginning go ahead and get your tomato cage and plant it, put it around it so that your tomatoes have support as it grows upright. You'll see this here almost looks like a trellis little tee pee situation. You can do something like that. Some folks like to just have stakes and use strings and allow their tomatoes to grow up the strings. Do the same tip for planting the stalk underneath the soil. You can use this for peppers also if you happen to have either peppers or eggplant that are taller then you think that, you think well gosh this little root system is going to be difficult for it to support it. You can also use this trick for those plants too. So I hope I've shared some information that will help you in your planting in extra tall tomatoes.


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