How to Clean a Home Phone

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A home phone needs to be cleaned in a very specific way, especially if it is used by a number of different people. Clean a home phone with help from the owner of an organizing company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stefani Vara Organizer Chic from Houston, Texas. Today, we are going to talk to you a little bit about how to clean your home phone. Now you are probably wondering why is this important. But many of us don't realize that the home phone carries a lot of germs and a lot of disgusting things. So if you still have a home phone it's extremely important to maybe clean it once a week. A lot of people carry the phone up to their face, or have their hands. If you have kids it may end up in the toy chest or in the rest room somewhere and you are looking for the phone. And it's in a place probably you don't want up to your face constantly. So we're going to show you there's a couple of products that you might be able to find out and one is a antibacterial wipe. So you want to make sure also that it is electronic safe so you don't want to be putting anything on your electronics that may cause it to break or melt, or anything like that. So these wipes are definitely electronic safe and they do say it on the back. And you are just going to take one swipe and grab the phone. And kind of just do an all sweep around the phone like around the edges where people's hands are. Around the ear area and the talk area and kind of just do a full swipe of the phone. And then before you put it down and before you put it back down on the base make sure that it's dry. So you don't want to put it wet back on there or anything. When it's dry kind of still kills a lot of the germs. And as well you can take the base if you want cause a lot of people and just give it another swipe. Make sure it's clean. Again I say that you can do this at least once a week. I'm not saying you know be a germ phobia where like you are cleaning it every five minutes or you are doing it everyday. But it's just it's going to eliminate some of those extra germs that come in from people's hands or your kid's mouths, from school. I'm not saying that your kid's mouth are dirty but I'm just saying it just eliminates some of those germs from your face. A lot of people also say like why am I breaking out on my cheek? Why am I breaking out you know, what is it what is it? Well a lot of it is is because you are keeping the phone right up to your ear, right up to your cheek and you don't realize that everyone is keeping that same place right up to their ear, right up to their cheek. And a lot of the phone areas, those phone areas carry bacteria which are eventually going to your face. So you might be breaking out here different reasons I don't know. But for some people it is best to clean it once a week, once a month. Twice a week if you have three little munchkins running around who are putting it in their mouth too. And another product that you might use is a basic antibacterial gel. You can kind of place those around the phone actually and maybe people can squirt it on their hands before they pick up the phone. And I don't know that maybe a bit, too much germaphobia. But it just if you are trying to keep the house clean germ free, the kids germ free it never, it never hurts to just keep a squirt, squirt by the phone. To clean the phone with this stuff is I would just grab you know a quick paper towel. A couple of squirts of this. Kind of rub it in. Again pick up the phone and give a quick swipe of the phone. You know just swipe it down like you know just like that. And make sure it dries a bit before you actually set the phone back down. If you are trying to keep your home organized, clutter free, germ free, it is a good idea to swipe down the phone once or twice if you still have a home phone. You can also do this with your Blackberries, your iPhones, any other type of accessories or phone accessories that you have at your house that you are constantly keeping by your face. Or you are putting in your back pocket. You're on the subways or whatever where you set it down and you know. In the rest room you set it down on the thing. You never know where your phone can pick up germs and it is one of the main, one of the main devices that carry so many germs so. If you want to check out some of these products you can go to your local store. And they have all different types of swipes and antibacterial gels in order for you to keep around your house and keep your phone germ free and clean. Thank you.


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