Corn & Tomato Salad

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Tomatoes and corn are both indigenous to Mexico, so they go really nicely together. Learn about corn and tomato salad with help from a food business owner and cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Devra Gartenstein with Quirky Gourmet, and today I'm going to show you how to make a tomato and corn salad. Now, tomatoes and corn are both indigenous to Mexico, so they go really nicely together, and I'm going to add in some roasted chilies also. Chilies are from the same region, so all these flavors just... they belong together. So I'm using Roma tomatoes, which is a sturdy tomato. You can really use any kind of tomato that you want, and this is just trimming the bottoms out here. I use a serrated knife, because if you're anything like me and you don't sharpen your knives nearly as often as you should, a serrated knife is much more forgiving, especially when you're cutting a tomato because the skin can be pretty slippery. Okay, so I'm just dicing that. And then I'm using fresh corn for this. You can use frozen corn, and if you use frozen corn you just mix it with the tomato and it'll thaw almost in the time it takes you to mix up the salad. So, what I do to get the kernels off is I just hold it upright and then I scrape down with the knife... just like that. And sometimes they'll kind of hang together and then I just break them up. Using the fresh corn just makes it a really fresh salad. Okay, so then I'm just going to break up those little clumps. I have some roasted chilies, just because I happen to have been roasting some chilies earlier in the week. You can get canned roasted chilies. You can also use just fresh chilies and not roast them at all. So I'm just going to slice this up. You notice I'm wearing gloves; the reason I'm wearing gloves is because if you work with chilies and then say you touch your eyes... not pleasant. Okay, so here we have the diced roasted chili. I'm going to put in a little bit of red onion, some lime juice, some chili powder. I use mild chili powder because I want to be able to taste everything else, but if you like it hot, by all means use hot chili powder as well. Little bit of salt, and a little bit of olive oil. And there you have the corn and tomato salad.


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