How to Do Makeup for Black & White Photos

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Black and white photographs will require a few very specific things when it comes to makeup application. Do makeup for black and white photos with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nancy Paterra, and I'm a makeup artist in Los Angeles and we're going to talk about how to take a basic makeup look and change it up for black and white photography. What you want to do is basically deepen up the elements that you already have, the eye, we're going to go into it with our eye brushes and just create a little bit more drama. The mouth, we're going to do a little bit more lining and we're just going to do a little bit more. The tools we will be using, our crease brush, angle brushes, cheek brush, lip pencil, and we're just going to create a little bit more depth to this look. Let's start with the eyebrow. We're just going to do a little bit more defining in the arch to create a little bit more of a crisp look and a little bit more depth for black and white. And then just brush it through. Now we're going to go into the crease of the eye with the crease brush and we're just going to deepen up, open, what's already here. So basically you're taking a regular makeup look and deepening up all the elements of it. You don't want to lose the features in black and white. You want to start looking at them as light and dark, create a little bit more shading in the contour of the eye. Now it may look a little darker when you look at this but in black and white photography it's going to translate a little more natural than what you actually see. Take your angle brush, look straight up, and just do a little bit more underneath the eye, placing your shadow right at the base of the lash line, deepening it up and blending it out like that, look down, a touch more mascara, look up. Okay, now we're going to take our cheek brush and just add a touch more color to the cheeks. So you can see it's a little bit more dramatic but in black and white it will translate a little more naturally and then we're just going to fill in with our lip pencil just a little bit more, filling in, blending in with the lip color. Don't fill in the entire lip, just focus more on the outline of the mouth and the corners. So let's review: for taking your makeup into a black and white photography look what you want to do is add a little bit more drama to the eyebrow, a little bit more contour color in the crease, a little more depth underneath the eyes so you don't lose the features, a touch more color on the cheeks and then take your lip pencil and just deepen up your lip line and there you have it for translating into black and white, very easy. Thank you.


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