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Doing your eyeshadow requires a few specific tools and a few minutes of your time. Do your eyeshadow with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nancy Paterra. I'm a makeup artist living in Los Angeles, and we're going to focus on how to do eye shadow. I think it's most easy to use three colors if you want to get into a little bit more drama too, if you want to keep it real simple. So let's just start out simple and then we'll get it a little bit more dramatic. These are the tools you will need, a crease brush for the inside of the eye lid, an all over brush, something like this one. It's got to be a little stiffer too, it can't be too soft, a blending brush and an angle brush. So let's begin. Start with your color on the lid, close, you want to go all over the actual lid itself, right up into where the crease is. I've selected a peachy shimmer which is a nice pretty soft look for daytime, step one. Step two, you're going to want to use your crease brush which has a tapered tip and it fits, open, fits right into the crease area of the eye which is where the eye socket ends and the brow bone begins. We're going to work with a neutral brown, look straight ahead. You want to just take your brush, fit it right in there, blend and deposit color. It's almost like a windshield wiper going back and forth, blending, blending, blending. Now what this does is it creates a natural contour on the lid so we're giving the lid some shape and depth. Now we're going to highlight. Highlighter belongs right underneath the brow bone where the arch of the eyebrow is. You want to just place it up there and blend it. You want it to be seamless and that will also lift the eye and accent the brow bone. Last but not least, it's time to line the eye using your angle brush. I'm going to work with the same color we used in the crease and I'm going to smoke a little bit underneath the eye. Look straight up, you want to go right to the lash line, just press and move that shadow color along and blend it out so you get a subtle suggestion of definition. Look straight up and just feel free to put a little bit of mascara on underneath, look down, and just one other little trick for shadow, always stay within the corner of the nose, corner of the eye, corner of the eyebrow boundary line. If shadow falls beyond that, it will drag the eye down. So always make sure your corners are nice and clean. If they're not, take a sponge and just clean it right up. And there we have how to do a basic eye shadow application with three shadows.


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