What Should I Do if My Eyeliner Smears?

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If your eyeliner smears its important to remember that it isn't the end of the world. Learn what you should do if your eyeliner smears with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nancy Paterra. I'm a makeup artist in Los Angeles and we are going to discuss the smearing of eyeliner and how to rectify that problem. Unfortunately with a lot of pencils when we work with them, they're oil based so throughout the day they tend to move a little. So what you can do is put some Q tips in your bag and when you check yourself and there's a little smear you take the end of the Q tip and if you have a little eye makeup remover, you can get little ones to carry in your purse, dip a little in there, look straight up, and you just want to gently go where the smear is and then use the dry side to clean it up, every so gently, so you don't move everything but you clean up what's there. Now there are also products on the market which prevent eyeliner from moving and that's called an eyeliner sealer. Now what you do with this, you can add it to your eye shadows and work with a little brush and actually work with it like a liquid liner and it dries and waterproofs. So this is a wonderful product you can buy to add to your eye shadows and create almost a liquid liner and then put it on the lid and it's good for the day. We're going to do a little bit of that on Vanessa right now. The tools that you will be using, your eyeliner sealer, and any color eyeliner that you want to use. We're going to use black because we're working on her upper lid. Place a drop, maybe two into the shadow itself, grab a liner brush, work it into the shadow until you get a nice consistency. I always test it on my hand first. That's perfect. Then we're going to take that angle brush with that sealer and shadow on it, go right to the eye, close, start where the lash starts, right at the lash line and you want to end where the lash ends, gently moving the brush along the eyelid, open, I'm going to have you look over this way and all the way down. Feel free to put that liner all the way in and you see, and there you have a beautiful way of getting liner on and keeping it sealed all day. So two suggestions here. Carry Q tips with you if you're using a pencil and it' smudges, do a quick cleanup with that. If you have your eye makeup remover, put a little dab on there and clean it right up or invest in some eyeliner sealer. It's a great product and it really waterproofs your liner and keeps it on all day. Thank you very much.


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